Sunday, October 30, 2005

Encounter with the dentist

Went over to the dentist this morning. The dentist said my gums still need healing before he can do anything. There is a tooth I really want him to pull out. I can't because I am going to my friends' concert this afternoon. I doubt they want to see me mouth full of blood. So my dentist told me to see him next Sat. I am glad. It is time to yank that sucker out. This tooth is aching since the bike accident. It has broken into two pieces (and still lodge in my mouth). It sound worst than it is. I am use to the pain already. Just don't bite too hard :D

My friends' band performed very well. I saw a lot of improvement since last time. A few songs I could really connect with. I told myself November is a time to relax and do some normal stuff. Well this qualify it. I have been thinking about racing and training a lot. I have to stop. It is even harder since the books have arrived and I am trying to learn as much about planning as possible. If I am discipline at training, I have to be discipline at resting.

It is a fine balance. Something I have to learn. The Triathlete Bible is really good. I can see where I have made mistakes in my pervious training. Joe Friel does a great job talking about the science of training and how it should be apply.


Born To Endure said...

I have those books and they are great for referring back for information regarding your training. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » » »