Friday, October 28, 2005

Cramming for Ironman

I ordered a few reading materials off amazon few weeks ago. On the website, it would take them December to delivery to me. I wasn't happy about that. To my surprise, they arrived today. So, let the cramming begin :) My goal is with these books (I also borrow a few others from the library), I can have a better training plan for 2006. I feel that this year the training plan is more or less fluky. It is more like "oh let me see, I think I can run 21 km right now. Ok, let's start there and move up". The triathlon distance I was training for I was very confident in completing it. My base was there since I rode 180 km the year before. It was just a matter of putting everything together.

For 1/2 IM next year, I want more than just finishing. Finishing is important. But I know I can train harder and compete better. :) In my tri, I was 11/21. That put me about 50% percentile. I think I can move up a bit. If I do this right, I think I should hit about 70% percentile. Well what that means in time, I will have to see. Planning a time is a fine balance. Too hard and I will burn myself out. Too easy and I will feel like I haven't gone all out. I know though that I have to train this progressively. Ease my body into the distance and intensity.

Here are my reading materials:

Sports Nutrition Guide: Minerals, Vitamins & Antioxidants for Athletes by Michale Colgan

Going Long: Training for Ironman Distance Triathlons by Joe Friel

Triathlete's Training Bible by Joe Friel


mama d said...


All good things to you in your triathlon endeavors! You may want to peek in on a friend of mine, Louie Bonpua, who finished his IronMan while in chemotherapy ( Yes, his site has been unchanged since January 2002, when he left us (after carrying the Olympic torch). But, you may find him inspirational, as I certainly do.

Louie understood that God put him on this earth to talk about cancer (leukemia).

all the best,
triathlete/Team in Training coach
adopting from China

William said...

Hey, good post. Glad to see you getting organized. Joe Friel seems to be the name in tri-books.

One other sport nutrition book that really says it all is Nancy Clarks Sports Nutrition Guidebook. I have this book and am about 1/2 way through but it is THE definitive guide on what we should be eating as althletes.

Let us know how the Joe Friel books are.

MB said...

I just bought the Joe Friel books too. Good luck!

Dragon said...

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