Friday, October 28, 2005

One sick Christian!

I realize I am sick. I have a mental illness. The sad thing is I don't think any medication or doctor can make me better. I can feel it in my blood. It crawls inside of me everyday.

My sickness is that anything I suck at I get totally addicted to it. Looking back in my 25 years of life on earth, yeah I am definitely sick.

When I started running, I couldn't run 400 m. Somehow, I will go every morning at 6 run around the block.
When I bike two years ago, me and my friend did 50 km in three hours. I ended up crapping how my ass hurt. Next thing I know, I am cycling 40 km everyday after work.
When I swim today, I actually enjoying freestyle. I still can't do a lap. But I swim more times than yesterday. And now I am thinking about it every minute. Every stroke, every arm movement, every leg movement. (Move those hips, you hairless ape!)

Looking forward to hit that chlorine bath again. Maybe I will go tonight after work. Tomorrow is too late. (is it possible that chlorine is addictive??)

Side note: Two things I need to do: 1) Get my marathon analyze out 2) Update this blog layout.

Side Side Note: This Sunday the weather suppose to be sunny and warm. 21 km fun run? (You know it's sick when you consider 1/2 marathon distance as a fun run :D).


Meagan said...

Funny, it sounds like we have the same disorder. Addictive Personality Distorder, or something to that effect. 3 years ago, I couldn't swim a single lap of freestyle in a 25-metre pool. 1 year ago, I never would have THOUGHT about a 60km ride as "an easy day out". Yup, funny how perspective changes!

Kewl Nitrox said...

Sigh... Must be good to be young enuff for "fun" runs... At my age, there ain't no such thing as a fun run, just the "suck it up and finish it" runs. :)