Wednesday, October 05, 2005

12 km in the smog. Blah.

Just like to add that I ran 12 km last night. I think the smog might have a factor to my higher HR during the run. I ran this straight. No 10-1. My legs are getting use to the road. The quads were a bit sore but today they are fine.

For the pace I was going, my HR is hovers around 150. Last night I was averaging at around 155. I wasn't too concern. There could be other factors as well. I do wish my HR is lower. I know by default with constant training my HR will drop faster than Nortel stocks (har har har).

This morning I feel like I am coming down with a cold. I better take care of myself. Lots of veges, fruits and wear more clothing. The weather will be quite hot until Fri when it drops to 12 degrees.

On Sat, I am doing a long jog. 21 km. Oh I so look forward to this. It will be very chilly. I am going to wear my bike jacket and a long sleeve polyester underneath. My only concern is that I will trap sweat inside the jacket and when it gets cold I get chilled. Got a pair of polyester track pants. Nothing fancy. I always wear my bike gear to run. No I don't run with my helmet. But seeing how clumsy I am, maybe I should :).

This coming weekend is Thanksgiving weekend. Nothing plan so far. Just stay home and rest well. No need to go out partying and get sick the week before the marathon :).