Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Dreams dreams, what do they all mean?

Have you ever have dreams where you are flying? Not the flying where you flap around like a bird. More like Matrix style flying :).

Two nights ago I have dreamt that I was trying to fly. I knew I could but I couldn't get enough air. It is like I can go 4-5 feet off the air and then I just hover. Worst, I go back down to the earth. Weird.

I have another dream last night. This one is very vivid. It started out like an end of a party and everyone is going back to their room (kinda like campus). I was walking with this very tall blonde lady. She was wearing a victorian style dress. We were crossing our arms as we walk. It was raining and she was holding the umbrella (hey she was taller than me :D).

The campus is not co-ed. So as I drop her off at her dorm. She turned around and told me her name is Uptight. At that moment, there is flashback where I knew this lady before. She was a mysterious lady where I use to talk at night (no not over the Internet, in person but never saw her face).

At that point I was determine to meet her again. I went back to my room. Did something and then start sneak my way over to her dorm. Since I don't know her room number, I have to go from floor to floor. Then I woke up.

So is God telling me I will be with a tall blonde girl name Uptight (har har har). Well if it does, I sure hope she can bike or jog...or swim :)


Boris' Dad said...

what a great dream hahahah

Meagan said...

nice! Dreams can be so interesting!