Monday, September 26, 2005

Life without training? Is that even possible?

I haven't train for a week. There are a few things I learn:

a) I really really miss ice cream.

I bought a tub of 2 L Chocolate Mint ice cream on Friday. By Sunday, I have ate 3/4 of it. I figure since I am not training for a month or two I can loosen my diet. Second, I also realize that since my gums are soring, I might as well eat something cold. Like when you remove your tonsils :D.

b) TV and computer games are not as entertaining as they use to be

I spend most of my time playing Rainbow Six 3: Iron Wrath. It is ok playing with me vs 35 bots. There is not as much excitement after going through all the map. I downloaded Age of Empire III on Sat. It was fun for a few games. Afterwards, I really got bored it. I can't see myself going to the store and buy the game. I want to play a strategic multiplayer game. But this one seems just like the previous version. Except with fancier graphics.

TV...there is nothing good that is on. I spend my time flipping from channel to channel. There is not a lot of shows that grab my attention. I watched CNN a lot. Checking up on Hurricane Rita and Katrina.

Instead I am starting to spend most of my time studying the Bible. I am reading two books. One is call the "A bend in the road". It is about how the author (a pastor) deals with cancer. How he perceive that we face hardship that at times are overwhelming. That's when we really rely on the Almighty One to give us strength and protect us.

The second book is about how to read the Bible. It deals a lot with what I learn from Pastor Nelson. To study the Bible base on its context and content. I can't believe I haven't read this before. I got this from May and Cheh since my Baptism in the summer.

So right now my training is on a hold. But my spirituality is growing. I am hoping to balance both once I get better. Until then, study on........

Note: The second book is call "How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth". It is written by two professors, Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart.


William said...

What is the name of the second book?

Anonymous said...

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