Friday, September 23, 2005

More tooth pain.

As much as I hate saying this, I have to delay my training. Today I went out for a 10 km run. Suppose to be a run but it turn out more to be a jog.

The knee that I bumped from my bike accident last Sat is giving me some discomfort. That's something I can deal with. The biggest problem is my tooth pain. There is one tooth in my lower jaw that was chipped and it has turned brown. I suspect this tooth has to be pull out. Today at work, a part of that tooth came out and I think it expose the nerve. While I was running, it start to hurt.

When I try taking in air through my mouth, it hurts even more. I will see. If it get worst, I will go to the dentist and have it taken out.

There is also another tooth in my upper jaw that has its filling knock out in the accident. If I bite it, it feels numb (paralyzing numb). That one is givng me some trouble during the run as well.

I figure the running, the impact is making them worst. I guess I will take more break off. The Toronto Marathon seems very unlikely now. No need to run 42 km with massive tooth ache.

The walk/run today was very nice though. They have built a new path down Credit River. As i walked along, I could hear bird chirping and wild life running in the bushes. Fantastic view.


William said...

Just focus on healing. There are always more marathons to run.

:) said...

Ouch...that sounds seriously painful. Hope you get back to normal soon. Nice site you have....first visit for me!