Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Eigth Week - 35th day training
Recovery Run
Distance: 3.8 km(
Intensity: Light
Time started: 7 am
Duration: 23 min
Weather: Cool and light wind (23 degrees)

Argh, I thought I ran 5 km. Instead it was just 3.8 km :). I did my old route that I use to run back in Highschool days. Back then, I consider this as a long route :). How things have change.

I tried on the hydration belt I bought from RR last Friday. The belt has 3 water bottles and one gel flask. I put on one water bottle and one gel flask to see how it fills. I should have got a smaller belt. 30-33 waist size is still too big. I guess I like to wear it tight when jogging.

The belt works alright. The water bottle is a bit hard to get. I think I just need to get use to it. Good morning run. Legs are a bit sore (not surprise from last night's run). I don't see why ppl need coffee when a good morning run can freshen you up just the same :).