Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Eigth Week - 34th day training
Progressive Run
Drink: 550 ml water
Distance: 15.5 km(
Intensity: 1/3 light 1/3 medium 1/3 hard
Calories Burned: 1100
Time started: 6:30 pm
Duration: 1 hr 25 min (85 min)
Weather: Hot and light wind (25 degrees)

This is the best run yet. My last 1/3, my HR was going higher than I have ever measured. At the end, it was at 180 BPM. I don't feel i was going much faster in the last third. But my heart was getting a big workout.

The first 1/3 I really had to slow it down. First 10 min, I keep going over 155 bpm.

Today, passing through credit river, I saw a lot of wildlife. There was a beaver building a dam. Further downstream, I saw a crane. It is rare to see cranes nowadays. Much of their habitat is gone. The trail down Credit River is very relaxing. It is cool and shaded. Perfect for a run.

Right knees have some discomfort after the run. Other than that some ache in the quads. Nothing serious (I hope).

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