Friday, September 16, 2005

Bike Accident, lost 3 tooth, helmet saved my life.

Well, I guess there ain't no need to worry about running now. This morning I had a bike accident while on the way to the Go station. I was biking along down the sidewalk. As I rode across over a bump, I flipped and fell forward. My face landed on the pavement. I felt the impact (no kidding). As I got up, I realize I am in trouble. I saw my tooth flying out. My tongue reach the gap where my teeth were.

I got up and start spitting out blood. This is serious. For a few second I was in the "I can't believe this is happening to me" state. I quickly get my act together and picked up two of my tooth. I couldn't find the third one. Grab my bike, drag it along the sidewalk.

Pick up my cell and called dad. It turned out he was picking up mom and off to ER we went. Waiting at ER was quickly nerve wrecking. I wasn't too nervous. In fact, I was quite calm. I remember walking in and handing my teeth to the nurse at the regstration booth. The wait though was the nervous part. I still thinking, what if I do this and what if I haven't do that. The usual, what if questions and if I wasn't in the ER I would be out running right now. That didn't really matter.

The doc took my tooth and put them back in. Ouch. All I can say is that it is more painful putting them in then having them knocked out. Went to the dentist and it will be a month before I see him again. He told me there are slight chance that
those two tooth might be save (will pray for that).

So now I look like a hockey player :). I think my mom is more worry about this situation. I am sure every mom would to see her son bleeding and toothless. My dad is better at this. We joke around on the way to the dentist.

I am very lucky though. Grateful..blessed. If it wasn't for that helmet, I would have been goner.

So now back to my training. Well, the idea of training is not a concern. My sis ask me about my training. I wasn't worry about this. For now, I am pretty sure I won't be running the marathon. The priority is to heal my body. Get it back in shape. I also not feeling too bad from missing the Toronto Marathon. Yes, I have spent weeks and months training this. However, my goal is the Ironman. A marathon is just a trainer for that.

Anyways, I am going to head back to sleep now. These few days will be good time to rest, reflect and refocus.

I asked my Christian friend what she think about this. She told me that God put me in this situation so I can spend more time with family and focus on important matter. Hehehe..He could have just give me a cold. I guess it takes three loose tooth to get through my thick head to see what is important in my life. :)


William said...

I don't think God does things to hurt us, and you're right, there are easier ways of getting our attention if he needs it.

Sometimes we do things to ourselves and God helps us get through them. God helps work them out for good.

I am very sorry to hear this news and I am praying that your teeth heal and that get some well needed rest.

Take some time, you should be able to run the Marathon based on your training already. I only have one more long run next weekend (32 KM) and then I taper.

Either way, take it easy and get lots of sleep.

Anonymous said...
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Born To Endure said...

Sorry to hear about your crash, thank god for helmets!!! I never, ever ride without one or any member of my family unless they want to deal with my wrath!! :-)

BuckeyeRunner said...

Scary crash. Crashing is always a fear for me. Glad you are ok.