Friday, September 16, 2005

Eigthth?? Week - 36th Day Training
A Pre-run run
Drink: 600 ml water
Distance: 15.34 km (
Intensity: Light
Calories burned: 1263
Avg HR = 144
Time started: 6:44 pm
Duration: 1 hr 57 min (117 min)
Weather: Rainny and cool (20 degrees)

It is nice when your friend called you up and tell you that she spotted you out in the rain. Thanks Lisa :D.

Today at work I was dying to go out. It was cloudy and dark. I haven't run in the rain for so long. I really took it slow today. I think my cardio has improved. It felt my HR was pumping less for the same pace i was running. I kept my HR below 150. It hovered at 145 most of the time. For a while, it dropped down to 137 :).

It was quite dark when I reached the half way mark. It started to rain. I was listening to Long December by Counting Crow. What a prefect atmosphere for that song.

With 4-5 km more to go, I was getting hungry. A great motivator to run faster :).

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