Saturday, August 13, 2005

Third Week - 16th day training
Long Run
Drink: 750 ml water + 750 ml Gatorade + 3 power gel + 591 ml Powerade (after run) + 1 L Protien milk shake (after run)
Weight before: 145 lb
Weight after: 145.5 lb
Distance: 25 km (walked last 800 m + two walking breaks [one min each])
Intensity: Slow to Medium
Time started: 7:10 am
Time ended: 9:30 am?
Duration: 2 hr 20 min (140 min)
Weather: Cool and cloudy (22 degrees)

I can't believe I just ran 60% of a marathon. This is from Cooksville Go station (Mississauga) to Toronto. Amazing. Just a year ago, I thought biking downtown was great. Now I can jog it. Afterwards both quads are quite sore. Very tired after the run. No GI distress :). I think I need to bring more water and less Gatorade.

Beginning of the run, I really don't feel like jogging. After 5 km, I was in full force. Was tired until I saw Lake Ontario. I was saying Good morning to everyone I pass by. Makes the time go by faster :).

Third Week - 15th day training
Short Run
Drink: 750 ml water afterwards
Distance: 6.5 km
Intensity: Medium to High
Time started: 7:00 am
Weather: Cool (22 degrees)

Feeling emotionally bad. Not a good day to run. Don't feel like running. Just happy I was out running for such a short distance.

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