Wednesday, August 10, 2005

When training and diet become a burden.

As much as I enjoy training. As much as I enjoy keeping a strict diet. There are times where both become more of a burden. How do I now when they become a burden? Well, whe the first feeling I feel when I think about my next run becomes negative. Becomes "oh man, another run." That's the sign that I am overtrain. Not overtrain my body. But my mind.

One aspect I enjoy about multisport and running long distance is that a majority of the time it is not your physical strength that pulls you through. Rather it is your mental toughness. Can you hold the pain till the finish line? Can you keep on going up the hill? It is always a battle between the strong Cliff and the weaker Cliff. There is always a voice in my head that tells me I am training too much, it is too painful or it is too hard. I always feel great when I am able to control that voice instead of having it control over me.

So what should I do when the training becomes too burdensome? I take a break. Today suppose to be my quick jog day. It feels a bit down yesterday when I thought about the running today. Instead of going out in the morning, I will take today and tomorrow off. My rationale is to focus on my long run. This Sat I will be running from Mississauga to Downtown. It seems hardly believable.

Just last year, I rode my bike downtown and back (first time ever). Now a year later, I am jogging it down. It is very achievable. 25 km from Cooksville Go station to Downtown.

Let my body rest. Let my mind rest. On Sat I will pound the pavement!

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