Monday, August 15, 2005

Fourth Week
Bike Ride
Drink: 500 ml water
Distance: 21.2 km
Intensity: Low to medium
Time Started: 7:45 pm
Time Ended: 8:45 pm
DUration: 1 hr (60 min)
Weather: Cool mix of clouds (25 degree)

Nice weather. Very good day to go bike ride. Right now I am very busy with work and chruch. Yesterday I didn't run. My quads are sore. It is a sign that I am running too fast of a pace on Sat. I have to slow down. So I can keep on running the day after.

Going to go now. Still in the office. It's 11 pm right now. I have to do some prep work for tomorrow small group. I will run tomorrow morning. I have map out my distance :). It will be fun to get on the road.

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YourSimplerLife said...

Choose your own change? Henry David Thoreau had it right more than a century ago when he told us to simplify. That's more true now than ever.