Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Of God and Running Shoes - What does it mean to be a Christian Triathlete?

Something I have been pondering and haev yet to blog down. So what does it all mean? Is this just a term I make up? Or is this just a way of shoe horning God to what I like?

For the past few months, I thought about this constantly. How can a triathlete be serving God? A great deal of my time is focus in training. That time and effort can be put into serving the ministry better. If God did give me the gift to tri, what does it make sense for me to take time out of church and worship him??

I don't know. I don't have all the answers. I do know that God did give me this passion. My triathlon event was incredible. I can still picture each moment in the race clearly in my mind. It is almost like a dream.

It is also unbelievable. I have a liver transplant. I am a cancer survivor. I have a mild case of osteoproasis (from the drugs I am taking). I am never atheltic. Not in highschool. I have every reason not to jog or bike. Yet, I am able to persevere.

I have met a few Christian Triathletes on They really make me realize that I am not alone. They, too, have receive the same gift.

Too much worrying does the mind no good. I want to go all out. No point in wasting a gift. Time is short and it's about time I train :)