Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fifth Week - 22nd day training
Long Steady Run
Drink: 650 ml Gatorade + 650 ml water + 591 ml water
Gel: 3 (first one after 45 min, then 30 min after)
Distance: 25 km (23 km 10/1, 2 km walk)
Intensity: Light to medium
Time Started: 8:10 am
Time Ended: 10:30 am
Duration: 2 hr 20 min (140 min)
Weather: Light wind and hot (27 degrees)

Today is a murky day to run. I was sweating a lot. The first 7-8 km was really hard. I didn't feel like jogging. A lesson learnt today. Make sure I go to washroom before I do my long run. :) I had to stop at a Go station to go do my business.

I ran out of steam before I hit 25 km. I figured I must have been running very fast. My pace needs to be slow down. I notice that I am passing everyone and no one is passing me. This is a big sign that I am running too fast. During the middle of the long run, I was just blazing. Even with walking the last 2 km, my time is 10 min faster than what I expect myself to finish. I have to worry less about the time and focus on building my leg for the distance.

There was a CAN FIT running event. I think they run 10 km or something. I past one of their water stations. A kid handed me a cup of Gatorade. I chuck it down and cough it back out. Second lesson learnt. To pinch the water cup and take it sips at a time.

I am changing my training schedule. I am going to increase my mileage on LSD by 3 km a week until I hit 35 km. So next weekend I will be doing 28 km and the next will be 31 km.

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William said...


I have the luxury when running in the country to take a pee-break almost anywhere. It is nice.

Sounds like a good plan. Slow down those long runs and really enjoy them. It's something you want to look forward to each week. It's very hard, I know.