Monday, November 10, 2008

They run in the family ;)

Hey everyone, just a little update on my end.

My next season schedule is almost set. There is only a few things i need to finalize. Today is the first day I went back to the pool. Did a mix of kicks, drills and swimming. I love being in the pool. Not so much love about 7 people sharing a lane...

Been running a bit here and there. Legs are feeling pretty fresh.

The transplant games I did earlier in August, they sent me a CD of some pictures they took. Last night, I was showing that to my parents. I would describe each race and each transplant recipient I met in the event.

The CD brought back a lot of memories. To see the kids with transplant in competition. That's truly amazing. My dad made the remark that I once was them.

The most touching moment is to see the images of the family who decide to donate their love one's organs. They wore different shirts and you recognize quickly they are Donor Family. How fortunate I am to be able to live, let alone train because of those who decided to ask the doctor to take their love ones off life support. I cannot imagine the ordeal families go through in those process.

I don't think I appreciate how often I am grateful to be alive. I had a blood work last week and they told me some of my number is off. Not a BIG deal. Just slightly off. They told me I need to go to get a blood work next month just to monitor. I wasn't too worry. Though I know there are many many recipients who struggle rejection and pains and suffering from this operations. And many in the waiting list and many suffering and fighting everyday from cancer.....

All the training and racing brings me back to those points. I am happy to be stepping on the starting line, let alone the finish one.

I was telling my mom how I my thighs are so big. She made a comment that everyone in our family have big thighs :). I guess that runs in the family :P.

Taken at Ironman USA 2007. Notice those fat thighs =D

Next year there is a World Transplant Games in Australia in Aug. I am already looking at the cost and budget necessary to get me there. I will be competing 5 km run race, 5 km Bike TT and probably the 20 km bike race. I just look forward to rocking those courses, representing my country and show that cancer is beatable :)....until then...I have a long way to go.

I will end off with what I did over the weekend. I now coaches kids in my church in a Bible Quiz Tournament. One would think studying the Bible is not competitive...not true. These kids go through the same emotions (anxiety, nervousness, adrenaline, doubts, struggle, joy, fun etc.) that we go through before a race.

I connect clearly how they feel. I am surprise at how quickly I pick up what it means to be a coach. Like when to call timed out when the kids are down during a match. It was fun. And I cannot wait to share more about my own competition experience with them.

The Bible Quiz Tournament, like triathlon is more than just a sport or competition. It is life. What do one do when they fail a test, school or not a get a job? How do people pick up themselves and continue to persevere? Where do they get the strength to rely on?

I see the tournament helps the kids grow up in knowing how to deal with those situations. Well that's the hope I have for this..we shall see how far this go :)


Born To Endure said...

Hope you get to go to Australia!!!

Thomas said...

The World Transplant Games would be a fantastic experience, Cliff. Try and get there if you can.

ShirleyPerly said...

Big thighs run my family too but I think they've gotten bigger from biking too :-)

Unknown said...

Sounds like the World Transplant Games are something you should definately try to do again next year. I hope you can make it to australia for that. :-)

Chris said...

Australia is one of the places in the world that I haven't been to yet, but would love to go to!

It should be a really awesome experience!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

What??! Australia?? I'll come with you--for a cheering section

brendaj said...

I've got them too (not my family, just me)...maybe I'm a long lost relative. The games and helping the kids both sound great.

Spokane Al said...

The Transplant Games sound like a terrific experience. You have much to be thankful for and you do such an excellent job in giving something back.