Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Cheating sucks!

Source: (http://www.everymantri.com/everyman_triathlon/2008/11/cheating-weasels-stories-of-shame-cheating-at-ironman-florida.html#more)

The guy is carrying a pair of fins into the swim. This is not legal. Reading from the blogsphere, the guy " dropped them in the water, exited and ran over the mat, and retrieved them when he entered for the second lap. The official said something to him, took his flippers, and THEN LET HIM CONTINUE THE SWIM " (Ironmom Jenny's blog).

We know there are cheaters every time we race. They draft, they cut corners. Cheating is cheating. And cheating sucks!


ShirleyPerly said...

I hope he got an automatic DQ. That's just ridiculous!

Darren said...

This guy is an embarrassment to the human race.
It's funny, Clearwater is notorious for being very .. ummm... unregulated? I have ZERO desire to that race.

Unknown said...

Seriously? And nobody did anything about this?!?!?!?

Michele said...

He ws all the talk Sunday afer the race down there