Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Post Marathon Analyst (by the numbers)

I have some images and will write up this marathon shortly. As any one who finishes a race, we are obsess with the numbers and the breakdown. Of course, me too.

Here's my overall stats:

Chip time: 3:39:25.0
Pace: 5:14 min/k
Category place: 42/115 - woohoo, no longer in the 50 percentile
First 21 km: 1:52:16
Last 21 km: 1:48:14
Last 12 km: 1:02:50
First 30 km: 2:37:41

Darren ask:
...was wondering, how 'spent' were you
on the last half? Did you find the last half VERY difficult? Did you have anything else left in the tank?

My reply:

Here's my breakdown of the pace.

My goal, 3:45 = 5:17 min/k

First half, running at 5:20 min/k. Total time 1:52
Last half, running at 5:09 min/k. Total time 1:48

By 30 km, my right quad has a slight sore every time I take a step, my left feet was slightly hurting.

Based on my HRM, the last 10 km I ran a 52 min (5:02 min/k). That's the fastest pace I had in the whole race.

My max HR is 175 (mid Z3). Avg HR is 166 (mid Z2).

Last 10k, max HR is 174, Avg is 171 (low Z3).

I do not know the exact number but I figure the earlier portion of the last 10k I must have been running sub 5 min/k as I was dying on the 3 km up on University Street at the end.

Fatigue level, my quads were shaking after the race. I had to keep my legs moving to keep them from cramping. Can't sit on the ground at all. So I figure i push myself pretty hard. I found the last 4 km very very hard. It felt like I was barely moving. I forgo the last water station (39 km) b/c I had trouble lifting my arm up for water (on hindsight, I should have taken it).

4 min negative split.

If I ran this pretty hard and I got a 4 min -ve split, I figure this means my pacing was very good.
If I have a bigger -ve split, that means I run the first half too easy.
If I have a +ve split, then I ran the first half too hard.

..though in my mind, I am thinking I can run a tad faster on the first half.

...there is a few more thoughts on my end. Though, I want to go fast. At the same time, i think i need to put in more 20 milers in my long runs to get my body for the last 12 k push.


IronJenny said...

Sweet negative split!!!!!

Michael said...

Again, congratulations. Enjoy this time and don't think too much.

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

One of these days I'm going to negative split a race.

Good job!!

Wendy said...

Well done!! (I know I said it already. But I mean it sincerely!)

brendaj said...

Wow, great job!!!