Friday, November 24, 2006


Last night I was in pain. A lot of pain.

For days, I try to put it off. Hold it off. Try not to think of it. Keep myself but.

It is always in the back of my head. Slowly and persistently eating me up. Like a slow drip from a faucet. I want it to stop. I can't stand it no more.

It hurts and it hurts a lot. I can't even put it in words. The kind that you wonder what's the point. The kind that you just wish you are someone else.

Last night, I did YOGA. Oh Rodney Yee, how you kick my butt again..and again.

"Put your leg on the chair and bend down and touch the chair"

What...I can't bend that far....I can't reach the chair at all.

"Lower your upper body to get your back into a nice bend"

(upper body barely move at all) Ahh.....just hold it Cliff..hold...hold those tears back...

The conclusion....Rodney Yee is not a man...period...

On the training front, I have been feeling sick for the past week. Nothing biggie. Just a build up of phylem(?) every morning. The throat got that tinkly feeling that it is down with something. I am hesitant on running outside in the cold air and make it worst.

It is time to start the engine again...I almost forgot I had an Ironman to do next year..My runners (pair #4 and #5) and my perscription goggles ( arrive from the mail last Friday. The goggles are great. Now I can see all the bandaids lying at the bottom of the pool :)

Yes I do intend to wear one in red and one in blue. Homer is back...Sweet...
And someone is kicking my butt to do chin ups....hmm...yeah this is off to a good start....


Ann (bunnygirl) said...

Hey, I love Rodney Yee!

Keep up with the yoga, and remember that you should only stretch until you can feel the pull. It should be a little uncomfortable, but not painful. Then relax your mind and breathe. Your body should automatically relax into the stretch just a little more.

If you're making yourself sore, you're forcing it, and yoga should never be forced.

Good luck, and LOL about the band-aids on the bottom of the pool!

Trisaratops said...

Homer's back! Yayyyyyy!

"Rodney Yee" is really just a pretzel in human form who likes to call himself "Rodney." I am not buying it. :)

I had a date with him this morning, too! We'll see how I feel tomorrow! ha ha

Anonymous said...
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Robin said...

Hoooooooooooooommmmmeerr!!!!! He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccck!

Haha! Yay!

I need to get perscription goggles, too. I'm ok in the pool, but not in open water. Can't see the buoys or any landmarks I set for myself. Will have to look into that in the Spring. Unfortunately, the bigger ticket item for me first is--yep--prescription cycling sunglasses. Ugh. Those are NOT cheep.

Rae said...

Ha! Homey looks ready to get training!!!

Anonymous said...

Ain't much of a fan of yoga, but your post does remind me of the stretching exercises we had to do for TaeKwonDo. OUCH!

Been a little sick too - ended up with some sort of infection in the gum and now I am on antibiotics. YUCKS! :(

Anonymous said...

Join the club on being sick. It sucks.

I love Yoga, I do it every week a few times per week and before races, it has helped me in more ways then one on the bike. Keep it up, it does get easier!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on bunnygirl's advice on not forcing it. Baron Baptiste is another good one for a change of pace from Mr. Yee. Also check out Yoga for Athletes at

You can learn more by actually attending a class with an instructor who will teach and show you about body mechanics that you won't get at home with a tape/DVD or book. It's helped me get more out of home practice by going to a class every week or two.

Bolder said...

homer's back!!!

training is starting to get into full gear again!!!