Monday, August 28, 2006

Cast those doubts aside...

These past few days, I felt anxiety and nervousness about the coming race. Part of it Is that I haven't cast my anxiety aside.

If you look at what I have been thinking, you will see they are self sabotaging.

What if I fail and not reach my expectation of my race? I ran the distance before. What if this time I don't make it. What if I blow up before I reach the finish line? I have friends coming over. Would I disappoint them?

That's silly. Friends don't even care about my result as long as I cross the finish line. If I fail, so be it, at least I give it all. Learnt from the mistake and tri again. I am glad I put this down on the blog. Need an outlet :)

I have written my race strategy down this morning. I start to visiualize, the swim, the bike and the run, the transition, the hydration, the nutrition....

When Faris Al-Sultan runs, he is so relax that his hands wiggle back and fourth. I try to incorporate that in my run. I also envision running like Lisa Bentley and have the poker face of Peter Reid. RUN TOUGH!

I just read Gordo's post IMC report. He executed exactly as he has planned. Excellent....(note: he had a 1 L hydration pack off the run and had another one in his special needs bag).

Ironman Canada came and gone over the weekend. I have been tracking Darren and Mike on their journey. Great to track them every hour or so. I definintely have to do this one some where down the line.

Looking at the pics from IronMitch, I could see why Ironman is so special.

Len, my photographer..err paparzzi just called me this morning. His voice was very depress and low. It turned out his cousin from the states are in town this weekend and he won't come with me to see my race.

It is very strange. When someone say they will do something, I will hold them up to it. At that point, I realize Len had put a lot with me. He went to see me race in 1/2 Peterborough Ironman. He is already planning to see me race in Lake Placid next year. I can't say I ain't disappointed. Not of him. Just can't get more shots of me...(doesn't that sound vain :D). Anyways..I told him to enjoy the time with his cousin. I see him way too many times anyway (I am sure he feels the same way :D).

Am I the only triathlete to feel compulsive? This weekend, while in taper mode, I have done 4 loads of laundry!! I didn't realize I have this much clothing. I still have more to do (blankets and towels).

I have an interview with HP this Thursday. Should I taper for that? :)

(on the other hand, I am very confident I can smoke this interivew. I know I have the skills and experience for this job.)


qcmier said...

My washing machine never stops either.

Good luck with the interview.

Anonymous said...

at least you know where the problem is, I sabotage myself all the time and don't even know it half the time.

Ellie Hamilton said...

Oh, geez, an interview during taper week???? A true nightmare...

You'll smoke the interview AND your race.

elaine s said...

Cliff, you better do well on the interview. How else am I going to be fed?

I think we can make it to either the beginning or the end of the race to take a picture. Wish we could put a GPS tracking device on you.

Battman said...

Good luck with both. Can't wait to hear the results. I'm doing my half on the 10th.

Afternoon Tea With Oranges said...

You're gonna do great Cliff! Good luck with the interview!

Bolder said...

rock that course Clifford!

i know it's in you.

E-Speed said...

When I have a break in training everything around the house gets done. Too bad I let it pile up like that, if I would just clean things right away it wouldn't take a whole day to catch up!