Friday, May 26, 2006

This week and daily diet.

Eek. Like Trisaratops, I am about to take two unplanned day off. Yesterday, the pool was close and I didn't packed my run gears. Today, woke up late and tonight going to see Da Vinci Code. Will try to squeeze in some swim time before the movie.

List of things:

- Tomorrow, ride with Toronto Triathlon Club. This should be interesting. Probably ride 3 hrs with them. Friend is also coming and she is just starting.
- this weekend going to do an open water swim. Have to try the wetsuit
- meeting with my swim coach Monday at 9 pm. It's about time.
- want to get another long ride in on Sun if possible (3 hr + would be nice)

So far that's about it on my end. Next week, things really have to ramp up. And it should. Summer is finally here.


Just wrote up a blurb about my chit chat with a Pitney Bowes salesguy. But decided that to put down my diet. I have been following this diet for about 4-5 months. I like it. It is about 2,500 - 3,000 calories a day. This is strictly weekdays.

8 - 9 am - two flaxseed bagel with PB

10 am - two handfuls of almonds and cashews

noon - a yam or borrcolli, turkey breast meat or tuna, spring mix with dried cranberry/raisins/blue berry (I just started this, makes spring mix more tasty)
- supplement: Omega 3, Calcium, Vit C

2 pm - Tomato Grapes/Carrot/Sweet pepper

3 pm - two bananas

4 pm - Orange

5 pm - bread sticks (~ 1 serving)

Dinner - depends, sometimes I eat grain. Also eat more veges.

This is my diet. If there is one thing to change is to add more seafood. Need more fish. More tuna. This is just a rough sketch. I don't have my calories dial in. But it serves me pretty well. I am 5'7" and weight 145 lbs. With this diet, my weight stays the same.

If I go for an hour or two training, I will eat some raisins before (high sugar to act like gel, cheap, tasty, easy to storage and is an alkainine food) and drink gatorade. For long run/bike/swim, I will have gel during the training and protien fruit shake afterwards.

I think the Americans are having a long weekend. Veteran weekend is it? Well I know this weekend I will be enjoying myself. Casa Loma (pic) is having an open house this weekend. Will see if I have time to check it out. Either way..enjoy :)


Trisaratops said...

Hey, don't beat yourself up too second day off actually led to a HUGE increase in energy the rest of this week and I had great workouts! Hopefully you will as well! Enjoy your time off! :)

Hilda said...

You are so disciplinated! I am finding harder to eat well than anything else.

Rachel said...

I'm hoping on going to the beach this weekend. 2 unplanned days off is not such a bad thing. My problem is that I needed several days off and now, I don't know what I should do first to start back up. I get so easily overwhelmed and want to do it all and "make up" for lost time, which you can't do.

Bolder said...

i like the raisins instead of gel idea Clifford. i'm gonna try that.

Thomas said...

To be honest, I'm surprosed you are going to see the DaVinci Code. I thought you'd oppose the book and film. I've read the book and found it reasobly entertaining, but nowhere near as good as it was hyped as. And I'm surprised that some people take it so seriously.

Oh, and thanks a lot for the shoes. That is really appreciated.

Dawn - Pink Chick Tris said...

Looks like a good plan to me. I like nuts myself and often snack on a mix of Pecans & Almonds. Sometimes Cashews depends on what's on sale at the market.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Sigh.. Your discipline is making me feel guilty all over again. :(

Enjoy your open water swim!

Sarah Lukas said...

I couldnt discipline myself enough to put myself on a diet. That's awesome that you've got great plans going! I tend to have those unplanned off days more and more. But I always try and make up for them somehow, or do some type of compensation throughout the day.

qcmier said...

Is Casa Loma only open certain days?

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