Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Getting everything back into gear...

My legs are still tired from Sat ride. Today's long run I definitely felt it. I need to set a longer route to run. When I plan a route, I stick with it. It is rare that I run longer than I have plan.

The goal for this morning is to run for 120' (40' easy, 40' med, 40' hard). Instead I did 40' easy, 40' med and 25' hard. I ran short b/c I ran to the end of the route I set my mind too. My hard wasn't as hard as I ran before. The hard section, my goal was to maintain my pace, keep a good stride and cadence.

Simply Stu did an interview with Peter Reid last week. Peter gave a lot of timeless and simple advice. What I picked up from that interview are:

- he trains alone and sometimes train easy or hard depend on what his body tells him (fleixble)
- keep nutrition simple. Have a banana, need to overthink about nutrition
- in the heat of the race, he count his steps to relax himself (he counts up to 20)

I found that counting steps is a good way to pass time. I started counting steps in the winter when I was working on my cadence. Simple solution for a simple man :)

I just realize I have to swim 2 km in 4 weeks (Muskoka Long Course). Ekk...yesterday I did a rotate of 3 sets of free and 3 sets of pull. Each set is 200 m. Maybe b/c of the killer bike ride, my swim is off by a bit. Either way, I have to get this swim stuff down pact. There is no drowning Cliff this summer..(maybe next summer).

The good news is that this weekend the weather is really warming up (Sat is 26*C [ 84*F]). I can try some open water swimming. I have still yet to test the wetsuit that Mike gave me.

Now for some non-tri stuff

Last week, I sent an email to all my friends stating why I am tri-ing and so on. I should have done it earlier but better now than never. Some reply stating I should focus my life with the people that means a lot to me (family and friends AKA spend more time with them). Surprise to me is that there are guy friends telling me to spend more time with them. Sorry, maybe this is a musculine thing but first thought out of my mind was "man up, I ain't your g/f."

Also surprising is that, if we are really friends, I really don't need to explain why I tri and no need to debate not spending enough time. There are ppl whom i haven't seen in months and when we get together, things are solid. There is no jealousy about who's who and so on...

Anyways....I had a really good chat with a friend on Monday about this. We talked about prioirty..obligations with life, church, family, friends, work....I had a really interesting observation.

As human being, we have this profound need to be part of the group. To fit in. On the other hand, we are raised with being an individual. The idea that we should stand up for ourselves and be our own person. For me, these two ideas are totally opposite. Yet, in our society, we always have to deal with both of them.

In school, to fit in with the popular kids and at the same time be yourself.
In work, to fit into the culture of the workplace and at the same time be an individual.

I ain't here to say one is bad or better than the other. If one is totally individual "I just want to do my own thing." There will be no community, no family. On the other if everyone tries to fit in, we will be a bunch of mindless lemmings. :)

Just something to think about....summer is finally here and my Build phase is ramming up. As I said is good :)


Habeela said...

I have thought a lot about the individual vs. part of a group issue too. We often form our identities around being part of a group but also as individuals. It's an interesting combination. Good thoughts. And if any of your friends give you a hard time about going after what you want in life, tell 'em to get with the program. :)

Bolder said...

man up, i ain't yo g/f

dude, who knew you were so ghetto?

btw, where's homer been lately?

Trisaratops said...

I hear ya on the balancing act with friends/ is tough but as long as you are up front, if your friends see that it really matters to you, they should understand. And for the ones that don't, there's nothing you can do. They'll eventually figure it out, but you can't waste negative energy on it. I figured this all out the hard way. :)

qcmier said...

Great thoughts Cliff.

I believe that the balance comes from being an individual within a community.

And yeah, you can't dwell on the fact that some people around you don't get it. You're doing the right thing by sticking with the positive things in your life.

Life is good.

Nic said...

Cliff - I like to go through the alphabet when I start to get bored in a race. I name cities for every letter that I've visited or want to visit. And I name friends for every letter, too. Also, I count reasons why I'm running. They're great little mind games to get you through a tough race or training session!

WildWill said...

True friends recognise the TRI is part of what makes you the person you are and they respect that part of your life, including the demands it puts upon your time.

Too many people waste time, once time has passed it can never be retrieved – live life and fill time … don’t waste time, that’s what we, as triathetes do

Have fun


Thomas said...

I do the step counting if I'me really knackered, but I only get to 4.

Many endurance athletes tend to be loners, especially runners. That's why they don't mind running all on their own for several hours many times a week. On the other hand, I never feel like I'm neglecting my family, not even a little bit, despite all the running I'm doing. It's all a question of balance.

William said...

Group Shmoop.

Do your thing and you will be surrounded byt the right people.

I'm a loner big time. I think maybe endurance sports attract that type of person???!!??

I make time to hook up with the local cycling group once in a while, try to say hi to at least one person at the gym a day and I find that certain people just kind of migrate towards me, and I to them.

In all honesy, I could spend huge amounts of time alone, like in Algonquin canoeing for a week. I'd miss my wife and all you wonderful bloggers, but I'd survive fine.

Hilda said...

Oh yeah I almost forget you swim!

How I would like to listen to that conversation with your friend! So much to discuss about this subject!

Are you some kind of philosopher?

Rachel said...

It's nice to balance life, work, family, and friends. It's hard too. I agree about doing your own thing. Sometimes, I like to train with others. Sometimes, I train alone. Once in awhile, I socialize.

Good advice from Reid. I like keeping it simple.

psbowe said...

Summer always provides me with a huge challenge on the balancing act...there is just so much to do!

Papa Louie said...

And when I race I only drink water not the free gatorade which is full of HFC and other toxins that our bodies can't handle.

jameson said...

my friends have gotten pretty annoyed with me and schedule over the last couple of months... bit I made a commitement to myself to give this everything I can. so that's what I am doing... i think they understand???

Anonymous said...

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