Sunday, September 06, 2009

Backpacking across Australia

I've been to Fraser Island and Harvey Bay for the past week. It is simply stunning there. Fraser Island is a 100 km island made up of sand. I was expecting to be one big sand dune. It was. At the same time, it had a lot of various vegetation. From forest to rain forest, to lake, to creek, to beaches (duuh!). Travellers use the beach as a highway. The water from the reservoir coming out of the sand was so clean and clear. You can drink off it (I did).

Harvey Bay is a little town on the coast. I spent the majority of my time along the beach. Rented a bike and ride around (one gear, 40 lb steel!!). Did a lot of reading and sitting by the beach. I am dark. One of the aussie thought I was from West Indies :D

Australia makes backpacking so easy. This is my first time and everything is so convenient. I am now in Sydney at a place call Bondi Beach. It is a nice little strip along a beach. Tomorrow I am heading to Manly Beach (suppose to be good) and take the ferry over. I am trying to see if I can get to a play in the Australia Opera House. Then I am going to Blue Mountain for two days then fly back to Brisbane and head back to Canada.

Of the things I thought about in Australia and exchanging stories with others, I realize I haven't explore Canada at all. I tell others we got the Rockies in the west coast. Even I haven't been to them :). Being down south I have a greater appreciation of my home country.

I will no doubt put up some pics...been using internet at the cafe and it is hard to do so..for such I apologize! I had a video of a koala bear running on the ground. It is soo funny as one expect them to be slow as they are so lazy (they are).

Talk to you guys later..I should be on here in the mid week while I explore Sydney.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the rest of your time in Oz, Cliff!

anners said...

awesome! hope to see you when you get back :)

Ben said...

Ah, the Queensland coast! I backpacked up it 20 years ago. Very memorable.