Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Miles repeat

Preparing for the upcoming Transplant Games, I have been running around the tracks.

The training is quite simple.

Run one mile (4 laps). Then one lap easy.

Do it three times.

In most cases, I run too hard that after the second mile I had to call it off.

Yesterday I was running the tracks. It just finished raining. The track was still soft. A certain part of the track had pool of water.

The sun was out and the air was damp.

I did my first set. Four laps at 1:50 each. The goal was 7:20. I must have run much faster because I ended with a 6:54. Kept telling myself to slow down on the first lap. A kid was running one lap while his dad was watching. It was fun to have him running along side.

The second set. 7:14. This was a tough set. I was holding on at the end. Felt like I was running harder guess not.

I did one jog around the lap to cool down.

That was a tough set. Could I do another one? Is my body able to hold it? I did it before. The thoughts of going back home and finishing the set kept tugging me back and fourth while I grasp for air.

I stood there for a sec and watched over the track. It is only 400 m yet it felt so much longer. I thought, 'Cliff, since you are here anyways, you might as well get it done and go home.'

So that's what I did.

I wasn't pay much attention to my time or heart rate. Just keep hitting those laps. Keep those feet moving. Focus on breathing.

From four laps to two laps and down to one. Passed the puddle of water. End off with a 6:57.

I am done.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Cliff!

Thomas said...

Yes, well done, Cliff. You're clearly getting into shape.

Michael said...

Now that's how you do it, well done with that last mile... it will carry you far. All the best in Australia... look forward to reading all about it. When in doubt, "try picking up the pace".

Spokane Al said...

Those are tough and you rocked. Nice job.

ShirleyPerly said...

Way to finish strong! Looks like you did better this time than last time, which is good.