Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A short ride

On Sun, I met up with a friend to go for an easy ride. It wasn't suppose to be long. Just an hour or two. It turned out to be shorter.

40 min into the ride, I had a slow leak in my rear tire.

My friend was a new rider and so I was showing him how to change the tube.

Well, it took me 30 min of teeth grinding, finger gripping to change my tube. I forgot how tight the rear tire was.

Anyways, that was change and I was ready to go...then the pump didn't work !!!!

Nuts. Ended up calling a friend to come and give me a lift. The irony was that there was a bike store 5 min from where I had a flat. Too bad they closed early on Sun.

Glad that didn't happen on race day.

My legs are still pretty achey from Half Ironman Peterborough. Though I had a wicked swim on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Aaarrgghh! That was no fun.

But glad to hear you had a wicked swim!

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, glad you didn't get a flat on race day! I hate it when tires are super tight. Seems like the kevlar bead ones are usually easier to pull off and put back on.