Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I will stop when I stop having fun

Yesterday, I did a 1 hr 50 min run. 15 min warm up, 30 min Half Ironman Race pace (5 min/k), 6 min EZ, 30 min HIM race pace again and 20 min cool down. This is my last hard run session and taper is rolling in.

The reality is that the EZ and the cool down pace was almost as fast as my Half Ironman race pace. My legs were feeling it. It was tough but it felt good.

I went for a bike ride with a friend after. She asked me, "when are you going to stop?"

I thought about it and I said, "I will stop when I stop having fun."

I latter thought about the kids who are recovering in the transplant clinics and those who had cancer.

Even though taper is setting in, there is still a bit of time to train. Chuckie V did a post on taper to first drop the run, then the bike and slowly the swim. The rationale is that the run is the most stressful on the body and so it is better to taper for that earlier. Then the bike and since the swim is the least stress activity, you should drop it last.

Especially for me, my swim fitness is not there yet. So I am going to swim longer (2 k) and do a few intervals (200,400s) before I race.

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ShirleyPerly said...

I whole heartedly agree with the title of this post! And hopefully some other issue, say, an injury of some sort, will not spoil my plans.

Enjoy your taper!