Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekly Summary - By the numbers

The weekend I had more free time and put it more training.

Darren advised me to go easy as I pull my calve muscles on Monday.

Today the weather was nice. Sunny and no clouds. I went out for a run in the trail. Very muddy. More pictures to show in the next post.

For the week:

7 swims sessions - 5 hr 5 min - not sure how far I go as all I do are working on high elbows. If I swim conservative 25 min/k, that will be 12.2 km in one week. Not too shabby.

1 bike session - 2 hr - yes, this is seriously under. My focus has been swim and running lately.

7 run sessions - 6 hr 40 min - a lot of easy running. If I run a 6 min/k, it will be 66 km.

Now I am a bit tired. Going to go to bed :)

It seemed like I did a lot but the past few weeks, my training has been on and off :)

Around the Bay (30 k) is "around the corner" (March 29th). I haven't done a lot of hill repeats or long run It's gonna be painful as there are major hills in the last 4 km.


Unknown said...

try to have fun around the bay and not too much pain!!

Unknown said...

I'm not gonna ask how those calves got strained!

Working on high elbows above the water and not dropping the elbow underwater is a good plan. But don't forget you can still do it swimming sets! ;-)

Around the Bay IS around the corner! At least it has been nicer outdoor training weather ...

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, 7 swims and 7 runs in one week? That's a LOT!

Hope that calf heals up soon. You're going to need it on those hills.

brendaj said...

Wow, that is amazingly consistent that you are running and swimming every day!

Glad to hear you're enjoying your OT class. I had some OT profs back when I was in school that made it very exciting and relevant to learn...a lot of those books like Hosea, Micah, Ruth...very profound insights for life today. Keep it up!