Thursday, March 12, 2009

Running in midnight? In freezing rain?

Or so this is what my friends thought. I was out running on Sun night. I came back by 9:30 pm. It started to pour later the night. I updated my Facebook at midnight and my friends thought I just came back from a run :o)

On the training front, my right calve cramped up on Mon after a run. This run is much more exciting. The trail I normally run was flooded from the river. There were a few sections where I was running (more like hiking) with water up to my knees! Fun stuff.

The not so fun stuff is that I was feeling my right calves for the past two days. It is getting better. Slowly.

I met up with Darren yesterday for a swim. He gave me two pointers: high elbow and swim straight (no more hip wiggle!). Simple points but not simple to fix. The only solution is to swim slow, swim right and focus on techniques. It is all about techniques.

Looking to ramp up more running this week. Stay tuned.

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ShirleyPerly said...

Bummer about the calf! But your idea of fun certainly does carry some risks. Hope it heals up fast. Good thing we triathletes always have something else we can do. Enjoy the pool :-)