Monday, September 15, 2008

Triathlon and Hollywood...together at last.

I picked this up from Commodore's facebook comment this morning. Did a search on the net. Lo and behold. J-Lo did her first triathlon.

Is this good for the sport? Will triathlon goes mainstream? I guess if J-Lo can do can do it too :)

On the training front, last week has been a killer week. Did awesome on my tempo and hill runs. My long run I was dehydrated. Feel like crap. Glad to get it done.

I did have an interesting experience on my hill run. I picked the highest hill I can find around my neighborhood. I have been training at this hill for the past three years. It is 500 m long for 6%. For the past three weeks, I slowly increase the reps from 6 times to 10 times. Just amazing at seeing how my body adapt to the hill.

Last two weeks, a female runner started to join me on the hill repeats. Every time we run pass each other, I will ask a question. How many reps are you doing? What are you training for?

It turned out she is training for Ironman USA. I told her I did it last year and it was a beautiful course (and sometimes brutal..but I didn't told her that part :P). There were an elder couple doing hill repeats. They are walking instead.

As you can imagine, the hill became quite busy. Great to see I ain't the only one suffering out there =D

This week is my recovery week. I have one more week to build before taper starts.


Comm's said...

Hey Cliff, I am, let me check...on my 20th straight recovery week! Hallelujah I am still here to have them.

WildWill said...

Hill reps are a great strength builder ... but watch that dehydration - its the performance killer.

If you are going out for a long hard session - weigh yourself before and after the session to measure your level of dehydration and adjust your hydration strategy appropriately.

Glad to here the training is still going well


ShirleyPerly said...

Good work on the hill repeats!

I've been running some hills recently while in Hawaii (not repeats, though) and enjoying doing so. I really wish I had hills nearby in FL too. I could drive an hour to get to some but it seems ridiculous with the high price of gas to do so.

Enjoy your recovery week.

CR said...

Who knew big hoop earrings were part of the training gear! Good work on the hills, they can be tough!

Aaron said...

I don't know if J. Lo is good for the sport...let's see her in spandex :).

Afternoon Tea With Oranges said...

I never have any company during my hill repeats...just the cars zooming by!

Michael said...

How is the preperation coming along, how are you feeling? Are you looking forward to teh big day?

The last time I checked in I remember reading about you having trouble on your long run... try and get that sorted in the next few weeks and no more of this dehydration crap (take care of yourself).

p.s. well done on the hills

brendaj said...

I enjoyed the J Lo interview! I've actually considered doing that race before...looks fun.