Monday, August 04, 2008

Transplant Olympic - Day #1

Drove to Windsor today and checked in. Not doing too much. Just resting and met some transplant athletes. Met a cool couple from Edmonton (Ed and Sue). Ed had a liver transplant 15 months ago from a rare form of soft tissue cancer.

Now here's an inspiring story.

Sue sent out an email to all her friends asking to see if there is one suitable donor for Ed. It turned her friend Beth was a good match and she gave half of her liver to him. Isn't that amazing?

I also met a guy who has a heart and lung transplant and he does motivation speaking for a living. I gotta catch up with him.

Everyone who is participating in the games also has a transplant. When I see another athlete, it is almost as if I share a bond with them.

Tomorrow, three races for me.

8 am - 5 km TT (not 8 km :) )
9 am - 5 km Run race
9:45 am - 20 km Bike Race

I heard there are a number of athletes with expensive looking bike. Hehe, I am one of them. I brought both my road bike and tri bike.

What's my strategy? Crank it like it hurts. Not wearing HRM. Just go from the start.

I never done a Bike group race before. :)

Anyways..time to head to bed. I made some video and it is being uploaded.

Thanks for all your support. Cheers!!!


Anonymous said...
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Born To Endure said...

Good luck, it's sure hot and muggy here for that ride...i'm sure you'll do fantastic!

Thomas said...

Good Luck, Cliff.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck, Cliff!

Jade Lady said...

Sounds like so much fun! And, sounds like u got all your gear - enjoyed the movie - nice to put a voice to your photo.

elaine s said...

goodluck is nice to have a break from your presence :)

triguyjt said...

how did the races go cliff????

i know you kicked butt

Michael said...

I'll try answering your question later today.

Brent Buckner said...

Hope all went well and you're having a great day!