Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Happy Canada Day. Today is Canada Day. I spent the day relaxing in the house. Went for an hour bike ride. Came back. Washed two cars and my bike. My chain was filled with grime. Nasty.

I made a video of my bike setup but my camera does not record audio. Nuts!

This Sun, I will be doing Half Ironman Peterborough. In an Half Ironman, I am suppose to have a 14 day taper. It was a mix for me. Last month, training hasn't been consistent. Today I wasn't riding hard. Just easy on the bike and a good run afterwards.

On Sat, I did some bike repeats at Mt Nemo. It ain't a steep climb. 4% grade for about 1 mile or so.

At first I wasn't sure how much I can do. I figure 6 would be fine. Then I asked myself, why not do 8? As I was doing my 7th set, I told myself why not round it up and do it up to 10?

And so I did. Up and down I go. 6..8..10.

When I train, my body tended to whine in the beginning. By the 9th set, I was feeling pretty good.

Well not that good, I think I pull my neck muscle from riding or swimming. As after the repeats, I found my neck is hurting whenever I tilt up. It became to a point where I would wake up from sleeping if my neck is in a certain position. After a few days, today I am feeling much better.

I am going to find another camera and make a little video of my bike or something :). As readers, I think you might be tired of reading bad grammar all the time :).


Spokane Al said...

If we listened to the whining of our bodies we would never get out the front door.

Your hill repeats sound like a solid workout.

Good luck in your upcoming race.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the race in Peterborough, Cliff!

anners said...

Good luck this weekend, Cliff! You will be in my thoughts!

ShirleyPerly said...

Will be rooting for you on Sunday!

Phil said...

I love those kind of games. I'll do that on my bike trainer. I'll hold a certain power, and then I'll say - ok, 5 more minutes... and then ..ok, 5 more minutes... and then - just 5 minutes more.

Have a great race in Peterborough. It looks like you've got some hill training in already for that bike course.