Saturday, June 14, 2008

My dad - tribue on Father's Day

Thanks for getting my first bike, and the second and the third.

Thanks for taking care of me wheN I was in Sick Kids.

Thanks for bringing me to my first race (Transplant Olympic '92) where I won my first medal.

Thanks for preparing lunch for me and sis.

Thanks for not getting mad when I got into a car accident and destroyed the Mazda.

Thanks for coming to see me in my first Ironman race.

Thanks for buying healthy food to keep our body strong.

Thanks for all those things that I haven't mention in this card...


My dad is retiring next year. He has been an inspiration to me. Strong work ethic and never complain. Family first above all. A true father role model for me to follow. :)

The following is a picture of me and my dad last year when we went back to Hong Kong. The building behind us used to be a bunker. This was where my grandparents and my dad use to live.


Anonymous said...

Great picture and tribute to your dad Cliff. I can tell that you are proud of him as I'm sure he must be of you.

Jade Lady said...

What a wonderful post!

brendaj said...

I love this post. I hope your dad enjoyed it too. :)

anners said...

Very nice tribute, Cliff :)

Rae said...

So sweet! And I know he is also very proud of you!