Thursday, June 12, 2008

Keeping my eye on the prize.

Yesterday I had a wickedly fast bike ride. It was a regular route that I ride in my city. Out and back.

I was going 30 kph avg. On a similar ride a year before, I would be going 28 kph or so. The number can be a bit skewed as there are traffic lights and what not. Overall, I felt strong on the bike. No groin pain :)

Looking at the number, it is clear to see that I am going faster. Physically I ain't getting stronger (or more aerobic). My training for this season have been on and off. I figure most of speed has to do with a tri bike (light and more aere than my roadie) and a better fit.

I was looking at the results of Binbrook tri last year and I think I have a pretty high chance of making it to the podium. By far, I ain't a fast guy. I am always a mid packer (place in the 50% percentile).

Here is my conservative pace breakdown:

Swim at 2:00/m for 750 m => 15 min
Bike at 31 km/hr for 26 km => 50 min (really conservative)
Run at 5 min/k for 6.5 km => 33 min
Add 4 min for both transitions

Total = 102 min or 1 hr and 42 min.

In my age group, the fourth place finish in a time of 1 hr and 39 min.

Muskoka Long Course is on the same day so I figure all the fast people are there racing.

I want to go really hard. But I have to remind myself that the key race for this season is Half Ironman Peterborough (July 6th). It is coming down fast.

That's the prize. Binbrook tri is a good starter for this season.

I have to keep my eye on the prize.

All in all I am quite excited to tri again. I have been in the forum sharing with two people that will be racing Binbrook as well. It is their first tri. Brings back memory of my first tri :o).


ShirleyPerly said...

Nice ride, Cliff, and good to hear you had no groin pain.

I thought with sprints, though, most people can recover in 1-2 weeks to be able to race hard again soon. But what do I know ... I've only done one sprint and it still hurts ;-)

Good luck!!!

anners said...

Good luck Cliff! I remember your first tri...I was there! ;)

Kewl Nitrox said...

31kph AVERAGE speed is a great ride in my books.

Anonymous said...

I wish you the best Cliff at Binbrook and look forward to reading your report. Feel free to post the prayer. I'm honored that you would ask to use it.