Thursday, June 26, 2008

Getting some good pain

On Tuesday, I got to work early and hence, left early. Quickly got my bike setup and go. Did a 3 hr ride. It was great. I went up to 6th line climb in Milton. It is about a 150 ft climb for a .5 mile. It wasn't tough but I just died on the hill. Still, it was good to be out on the road.

Rode to my local bike store to pick up a bento box and a cage. I spent a few minute chatting up with the store guy. He was asking how my training has been going. I told him that I am trying to get my finesse back from Ironman.

Yesterday, swim at lunch with Matt. Feeling pretty good. Then after work, head for a hill run. Seven hill repeats. My last two repeats were off by 20 seconds. Considering I haven't done this for a while, I took it easy. End off the day with 500 m swim.

All in all. Getting some good pain. I am surprise my body ain't too shell. That's good. Half Ironman (July 6th) is in less than two weeks away.

Next Tuesday is Canada Day. It is a holiday. I don't have much plans. My goal is to ride long on Sat, run long on Sun. And squeeze in as much saddle time as I can. Then a few days of taper and race day.


cdnhollywood said...

Just remember to have fun! You'll do fine!

And don't forget that time in the saddle includes that which you get at the race! :)

Rae said...

So what is Canada Day?? Is it you guys' independence day?

CR said...

You continue to impress me! Enjoy your "Canada" Day.