Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Yesterday I plan to run outside. It was raining hard so I decided to ride on my trainer.

I was watching some Internet Marketing videos. It was so dry. The speaker was dry. The presentation was slow. The information is too generic.

I got off my bike an hour after.

So I thought I can go to the pool and get some laps in. I told my friend that I will swim until my arms fall off.

I got to the pool at 8:30 pm and I bumped into my pastor. He told me that the pool closed a few minutes ago.

BUMMER. On Monday night, they use to close the pool at 10. I notice this summer they are opening later and closing earlier. I am not happy with these hours. It is not that there is no one swim at those times. My local pool is often pack with people.

Last Sat I was planning to go ride with Darren. Instead, my friend has a car trouble and I had to help him get it working. My church has a concert that night and I spent the day helping out. It was good.

..Half Ironman Peterborough is coming down fast (July 6th). What does that mean? It means time to pack in some training to get myself in semi shape so I won't die :).

Today, leaving work at 3:45 pm and ride until sun goes down :)

I took this pic on my cell phone before I head to the phone. I haven't seen one of these for a long time.


ShirleyPerly said...

Nice rainbow!! Sorry about the pool hours. Seems odd they'd be shortening them in the summer. Hope you have a good ride today!

Unknown said...

Always great to see a rainbow, Cliff! Thanks for sharing.

(It is very strange about the pool hours.)

brendaj said...

That's great that you're not super rigid about your training plans. And great job on the tri!

Born To Endure said...

Wow..some days just don't go as we planned..the rainbow is beautiful though!

Kewl Nitrox said...

There will be this type of days. But we just keep on rollin' rite? :-)