Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fewer words..

Mon when I biked to the lake and stop to enjoy the view. As I got back on my bike, I flipped and fell over. My first the bike ok? scratches..great.. Now what about me. Okay, no bruise, no broken teeth..good.

You know you are triathlete when you look at the bike before you check your body after a crash.

Very embarrassing :). A group of people were BBQing and asked me if I need help.

Today, long ride with Darren. We did two time trials. First time trial, 10 km, with the wind in our backs, I did 38.0kph (14 min 55 sec) with avg heart rate of 175. Not bad.

Second time trial, 13 km, against the wind and rain. I cracked. 30 min and I can't get my heart rate above zone 2.

My limitation is leg strength. My heart was fine. I just can't muster any power from my legs.

On the way back, I rode 60 kph in a 50 zone :). That was wickedly sweet.

Body now tired. Need rest. Take care.

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Thomas said...

You didn't get a speeding ticket? ;-)