Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reading materials and Boston Bounded

As I am getting ready to go to Boston, I glanced at two postings that I find interesting.

A good post on different training strategy for different endurance athletes. Obviously a 10 hr PR Ironman will have different training schedule than say a new triathlete. It is easy and the common mentality when it comes to training (even in other areas of life) is to go as hard and as much as we can to get in shape. Unfortunately this leads to injury, burn out and all sort of nasty negative stuff.

To make matter more complicated, we all have different life style and priorities. An athelete with a family and a full time job will have different training schedule than someone with a flexible job and no family.

Another good reminder is that the training schedule is not targets. The body takes time (a lot of time, repeat..a lot of time) to adapt. It bothers me to see some people can train Ironman races in a year (and some even less than that).

For those who are doing their first Half Ironman distance, Coach Vance break down what you need to do in terms of preparation, race strategy, nutrition/hydration strategy and everything else.

The post deals specifically for the Oceanside 70.3. But the tips and insights can be apply to all Half Iron distances.


Booked my car, got my travelling insurance, have the maps print out. All ready to go. I will also bring my runners. =D Shall see all of you when I come back..

I hope Rae is right in the previous post. I do need some spring weather. I miss going out for a ride... :) take it easy everyone.


Anonymous said...


(Yes, we need spring desperately this year!)

Tri-Dummy said...

I will pass on the 70.3 report to a friend doing his next race!

Robin said...

I've been away from my blog -- and therefore everyone's for a while now. DID I MISS SOMETHING? Boston bound? Are you running the Boston marathon? Let me know!!!!

Comm's said...

have fun my friend. My God lift your feet and give you strength.

CR said...

Feet fast, legs strong you can do it all day long! Boston is a great place, however I only saw inside the Prudential Center!

brendaj said...

Have a great trip! Boston has always been one of my favorite cities.