Sunday, March 02, 2008

Good o' days.

Tomorrow night, I will be sharing about my experience as a cancer survivor and a triathlete to a group of walkers. I was looking back my previous blog posts to remember some of the races last year. I stumble upon another triathlete's blog. He raced Ironman Lake Placid last year and I was in a picture in his blog. He is doing his second lap as I was doing my first :)

As I was looking back, boy, was there some fun times. The winter this year was brutal. I can't wait the spring to come so I can ride outside again....

To give a quick summary..

On Fri night, there was a snow storm...I ended up running 2 hr in the dreadmill.

On Sat, I had discipleship course and afterwards went to see the kids participate in Bible Quiz Tournament. Woah, the tourney is hardcore. It was intense. They needed a male coach and I figure I can help them out for the next tournament (the first weekend of May). On one hand, I can say that I am not qualify for this role. I don't do well for kids and I never coach before. On the other, perhaps I can share about my perspective on competition through my triathltons and show the kids there is more to it than just winning.

Today, I spinned for 30 min before church. Went to the Food and Beverage show....hmmm lots of good samples =D.


Donald said...

Good luck with your talk, Cliff. You've got an inspiring story to tell.

E-Speed said...

Have a great talk Cliff!

You are hard core on that treadmill. I did my first 12 miler on one last night and it was rough! We're getting our fir share of ice/snow here this week too so I feel your pain!

brendaj said...

That's really great how you use your experience to relate to others. And nice job encouraging the walkers...since I'm now doing as much walking (and stroller pushing) as running so I consider myself a walker!

ShirleyPerly said...

Hope your talk went well. On working with kids and coaching, I think with just some practice, you'll do fine. When working with a new group, nearly everyone feels awkward and not good at doing so. It gets easier if you keep doing it.

Comm's said...

I think you would suprise yourself on your bible knowledge. Unless its deuteronomy, who begat who is skippable.