Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hit me baby one more time.

Not that I am much into Britney Spears. But that's the only title I can come up with today's post. Last Sat, I did a reverse tri. Run 2 hr, bike for 1 and swim for 30 min or so. Nothing heavy. It was all done in easy effort. The sun was out and the weather was great. I did one quick hill repeat before heading back home. On the way up, I notice the side walk was littered with scraps of porn! On the way down, I picked up every piece and throw it in the trash.

There was a highschool not too far from this hill. There were a whole bunch of kids finishing classes. As they were coming out of the sidewalk, I can't help to think how their hearts can be change by seeing these filth lying in the street. It is a degradation to females to be treated as objects.

Anyway....today's post was in reference to yesterday's run. I did some hill repeats. Just keep hitting them one at a time. They are all done in Z1-Z2 (no higher than 160 HR). Very easy pace.

Here are my stats:

22:42 Warm Up
7:40 1st - 149 avg HR
7:55 2nd - 151 avg HR
8:11 3rd - 149 avg HR
7:45 4th - 151 avg HR
7:40 5th - 152 avg HR
14:41 Cool Down

Total time: 1 hr 16 min
Distance: 11 km

If you notice, the third repeat, my time was significantly slower than the others. That's the lap when I wasn't focusing on my run. The repeats is done in a valley. So when I run down, I focus on gliding and I keep repeating to myself, 'free speed Cliff, keep those feet moving'. When I go up, I focus on staying relax. Keep it easy, keep it light.

Last night I did 5 laps. In the future, I like to extend it to 10 laps ;). Fun stuff.

This 'hill' will be a good base as a indicator of how well my running has progress. Let see if I can reduce those times with the same HR as I run more.

These couple of days, I am busy with many things. I am taking a course on discipleship and I have a paper due this Sat. I have a website to develop for a friend. I will squeeze my training in but the schedule will be irregular.

I figure I will share a bit about my non-tri life. Tonight was my mom's b-day. I ordered take out (curry) and my sis bought some dessert. It was great. After dinner, I was exhausted and took a nap. Last Sun, we went to karaoke after church. It was for a friend's b-day. Boy did I love to sing again. Granted, God did not give me the gift of singing. I read the words more than sing and my tune is totally off. Either way, it was fun ;)

Time for bed..nite!


brendaj said...

It's nice to hear about the non-tri life from time to time!

Jen in Budapest said...

Cliff - awesome! Love the fact that you were proactive in doing this. I always thought if men were to picket porn distribution centers saying it was a degredation to women how powerful that would be.

Here in Budapest I was shocked my first month when a full blown nudie was in plain sight for a 10 year old boy to see while on the metro. I just thought "OH GOD.".....

Way to go on your reverse tri.

Unknown said...

I hope your Mom really enjoyed her birthday!

Fe-lady said...

Thanks for picking up the trash! I do it all the time at my middle school. Unfortunately it's the kids who are making the mess!
Great training!
Happy birthday to your mom!
Curry! and Cake! YUM!

jameson said...

hill repeats will make you strong my friend.

good on ya for picking up the trash. more people need to do this both on the road and off. In xterra races you get a time penalty if you seen ditching you gep packets on the course... I like it!

ShirleyPerly said...

Will be interesting to see your improvement in running later. Glad you're keeping track now. Hope your mom & friend had good birthdays. One of these days, you must record yourself singing for us :-) My sister created a blooper reel of my Evotri video.

cdnhollywood said...

Way to keep it up Cliff! Can't wait to see what you end up accomplishing this year.

And, I'm sorry to say, you've been tagged (only because I was). Rules can be found at http://newbietriathlete2007.blogspot.com/2008/02/we-interupt-this-program.html

Sorry! :P