Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Will talk for socks

Yesterday, I went to Running Room and shared my Ironman experience with two groups.

At first I want to discuss the topic 'Discover your passion'. I dig this post up and quickly realize that I will be sharing my own passion and how I discovered it.
When it comes to public speaking, I am a mix. By nature, I talk very fast, tense up and just go right through what I need to say. At the same time, I enjoy talking to others. I convinced myself that I would be speaking on a topic that I truly enjoy, what's the harm from that?

The first group was a walking group. Two people attended this group.

I shared about:

- how I started into triathlon
- Ironman and racing with race4kids.ca
- liver transplant and becoming cancer survivor
- encouragement I received during training and how I strieve to encourage others

Afterwards, the store owner asked me if I am free to share to the next group. I said sure. The second group was a learn to run group. They just got back from 2.9 km (~1.2 miles). They were running 4:1 (4 min running/1 min walk).

I shared my story. I added some stories here and there. Overall, the group enjoyed it.

It was a great time. Better than I thought. In return, I got a pair of running socks (I was going to buy them anyways) and a 30% off coupon :). Sweet..I told them I won't mind talking for running gears :D

Afterwards, I went for a run.

I ran for an hour and 20 min. This was the longest run I ran since Ironman. I figured I need to run more considering this Sat I am going for a 25 km trail run with Darren.
When I think about the tough sessions I put myself into, Darren takes those and add two notches up. I figure I need at least get my body semi-in shape :)
Here is my route elevation (in miles and feet):
The image is a bit small. I ran about 7 miles. The lowest point is 497 feet and the highest is 597 feet.
Not too bad. The mid point is a hill that is 100 feet high. I can still remember a session I did two years ago. It was hot and humid (35*C+/95*F+). Someone drove by and mentioned it was a great time to go on a run. I was there for hill repeats. By the last repeat, I was in sweat. Woah :)
After climbing up the hill, I treated myself with a bag of Clif Bloks. It was the first time I tried it and it was good. A bit sweet. I would test them on my bike for those long rides.

My legs felt great. I mentally choose not to let up on the climbs and especially after the climbs. Today, I have no pain or aches at all. Body is coming back. This Sat will be fun for sure ;)


Brent Buckner said...

Sort of funny, giving two talks about Ironman and passion and then thinking, "Gee, I haven't run more than 80 minutes in months!"

E-Speed said...

Have fun on your 25k!

Fe-lady said...

Your graph looks like some kind of origami boat...glad you feel good running that long! Have a great 25K!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are finding opportunities to tell your story. Sometimes the difficulties we experience enable us to talk about what's most important in life. I know that your story will be an inspiration to many.

Comm's said...

you are a magnificent spokesman for running groups!

Your story and perspective will certainly motivate a new runner.


Dances with Corgis said...

that's so cool that you got to share that with the groups! :) think about it, every Ironman is qualified to give a talk like that. So awesome.