Sunday, May 13, 2007

Weekend w/ God...

That's all I can say.

Sat - Bike for 5.5 hours then watched Stranger than Fiction with some friends.
Sun - Got up early and cheered Darren racing the 1/2 Mississauga Marathon, Church, long run and dinner with family (Mother's day).

It might not sound much but I loved it. This is what I consider as my heaven. I don't need too much. Get me a good ride with good weather and good friends afterwards....done deal.

The bike ride was brutal. I burned my legs. But you know didn't matter. Two times I stopped just to enjoy the view. Then the evening with friends..priceless. After a long bike ride I am super mellow. So if my friends told me they hate and think that triathlon is crazy and stupid.....whatever life is good..

If yesterday was was even better. I missed Darren starting the race. I ended up driving 5 km ahead and waited for him. I called out the wrong guy (a much older looking Darren). Then after a while, I saw him. He looked strong. Like a runner :)

After church, I did a long run. I was feeling so good so I just ran a bit harder than I normally do. I ran in the woods, passed the kids, smiled at the cyclist. I was strong. I was light. I was smooth. I smiled the whole way.

I will leave the numbers detail tomorrow. I was sitting at the hot tub after the run and thought about God and my faith....

It was great to be in God's paradise. The trail covered by the trees. No matter how many times I ran through it, it always put a smile on my face.

I get uptight and anxious easily. Case in point this Thurs, I was rushing to send out my resumes. I realized at that point I don't need to work harder. I need to sit back a bit. God is almighty. I need to step back and let Him work His Will within me.

I wonder how often do I think I can do this and I can do that..and ignoring God's Will and pushing His hand away. At the end, it is His power that I am here.

Hello Cliff, He gave you a liver and let you you think He won't be there when you need Him?

When I try to control what I cannot, it always end with self-doubt and anxiety. I have to put my trust and faith in Him. Do my part. Let Him do His. Have faith. It is through His mercy that we have salvation...I did nothing to earn it.

We will face death sooner or later...for me it was '91 when I was diagnosed with cancer. That should be the point where Cliff is game over.

And here I am.
Alive and well (too well sometimes).
And you know what I want to do?

Shout in joy....err I wanna swim, bike and run :)
Don't I have an Ironman coming up in July 22nd? Concindence?

Everyday I have is a bonus. Why waste them on feeling anxious or down or depress? There is no glory in that. And to make it worst, in a way I don't have faith in Him.

So all I can do is to give thanks...good health and triathlon...Life is good. I am really excited about the run today. Will tell you about it tomorrow....


brendaj said...

Very encouraging post. And glad you're enjoying the long rides and runs so much!

Mike said...

Solid bike ride there Cliff!

Re: the latter part of your post, we are all truly blessed eh!?

*Life is good indeed*

Thanks for the reminder!

Robin said...

Happy running AND happy living!


Fe-lady said...

Friends, health, family...and throw a little race in here and there...what else does one need indeed! Nice reminders!

Darren said...

Life IS good. How can 3 simple words mean so much.. and why do so many not see this simple thing? I think I might just have a new mantra...

Sorry I missed you at the start Cliff - they started a half hour earlier this year. Very cool of you to zoom up to the 5k mark and give a shout out - thanks!!
It was good to see you - though it was kinda brief. :)

Heh.. calling me a runner - hey at least I can *look* the part! Cheers bro!

BuckeyeRunner said...

Hang in there on the job search front. It will happen!

ShirleyPerly said...

Funny how death makes you appreciate life. Ever since I watched my dad die of cancer I've been a lot more thankful for the things I have and the things I can do. Now I enjoy life much more fully, even when things don't go as I'd like.

Keep up the positive attitude!

Bonbon said...

I think everyone enjoys hanging out w/ their friends on a Saturday evening...who wouldn't? Did someone call you crazy for doing all that exercise? At least you are more disciplined than I...Give up chocolate? Aiyah.