Monday, May 28, 2007

Training Summary

Let the numbers roll...

May 21 - 27

Mon - Rest day - Recovery/social ride 210' (3.5 hr)
Tues - Bike 50', Swim 50'
Wed - Run 45'
Thurs - Bike 45', Swim 90'
Fri - Run 50'
Sat - Bike 270' (4.5 hr)
Sun - Bailed on a long run.

Total time = 13.5 hr

Swim distance = 5.45 km
Bike distance = 218 km
Run distance = 14 km

Without the long run, my run volume gone down. It might seemed I did a lot. If u look at my long bike it is only 4.5 hr. I should be heading 6-8 hours.

Ironman USA is coming fast (July 22nd). I only have the month of June to train. July will be spent tapering and recovering.

What this mean is that training is the top priority. Two years of training and it comes down to 50 some odd days. Then I will be facing the longest race of my life.

I am keeping my life as 'free' as possible. Got to keep on getting rid of those self-sabatoge actions.

I am delegating my fellowship responsibility.
I am going to do less. Specifically in using the internet (gmail and facebook).
Bed time will be early as possible. 11 pm will be the latest. Will not touch the computer after 10 pm.
No more hot dates with Cliff :)

Mentally and emotionally I am good. I ain't burnt out and motivation to go long is still strong. This is the stage where I want to be at. Focus the most a few weeks from the race instead of pushing too hard 4-5 months ago and nuking myself.

My goal is to get darker and tanner every week. If I ain't getting darker, I ain't working hard enough. (Please don't misinterpret that I don't wear suntan lotion..I put on 45 and I still get dark).

That's about is time to really drop the hammer and ramp up the volume.


Brent Buckner said...

Lock and Load!

Look out, hills of Lake Placid, Cliff is On The March!

Rachel said...

You'll do great. Sounds like you made the right decision about bailing on the long run. I think it's great that you're fresh b/c it can be hard to crank during the final peak training days before taper.

brendaj said...

Sounds like a good plan for the month. I feel like I'm still waiting for my tan from 2 summers ago to fade...all those long bike rides will do it to you!

Kewl Nitrox said...

That's it bro, time to FOCUS and that that body, mind and soul ready for the race.

Robin said...

Cliff, it sounds like you are in a good place. Keep it up!

Glad the hot dates are on the back burner until post IMLP. Think about all the women who will want to date you after you complete an Ironman. What a pick up line! hee hee ;-)

ShirleyPerly said...

I know what you mean about getting darker. When I go back to Hawaii end of this week, I have no doubt I'll be mistaken for a local :-)

Way to go keeping things in perspective and your priorities in line.

Jeremy said...

I love that 3.5 hour "recovery" ride! Keep up the great work.

TRI Vortex said...

Thats a great guage for training. If I'm not darker, I need to train harder. I'm going to use that one.

Rae said...

Good luck!! June's going to be a great month for you!

Unknown said...

You sound 'all in' for training. I'm interested in watching it unfold...the making of an ironman...again