Sunday, May 27, 2007

All in a weekend.

I have gone through a whole range of emotions this weekend.

Sat got up at 4:30 am to bike (ride an hour on the trainer and the rest outside). I woke up that early b/c I had to help a friend to move. Her mom passed away a week ago from terminal cancer. As a brother in Christ and a cancer survivor, I did what I have to do. I didn't thought too much about it. She was moving and needed help...done I was there.

She was planning to rent a van to move. Instead, I asked a brother to borrow his van and arranged the move. (dude, you know who you are..thanks a lot!)

I went to a friend's wedding reception in the evening. To see a couple I grew up with finally getting hitch, incredible. They were great people and I was lucky to be a part in their life.

On Sun, it was the friend's mom funeral service. After Sunday Service, we headed over to the visitation and comfort her and her family. In Chinese tradition, there is a dinner afterward.

I remembered a pastor mentioned the way to outreach is to hold the non-believer hand in hand when they are suffering and in pain.

I am not the type of person who know how to say the right thing to comfort. But I do know and will be willing to be in pain with someone. To share their agony. To be their when they needed the most.

If you are in pain...share with me...let's carry the burden together.

Just as the Lord had been with me in good times and bad....I want to do the same to those that are in need.

Sunday was my long run. I woke up at 6 today and contemplated whether to do the run. I was tired and knowing that I will have a long day, I decided to bail. Body needed the rest.

In this weekend, I experiened the highs and the lows. Joy and suffering. I was comforted and was comforting others.


Brent Buckner said...

Well done; good work looking after others.

Robin said...