Thursday, April 26, 2007


Today I had two interviews. One with an employment agency and second one with Ecostrat

The interview with Ecostrat went realy well. The owner looked at my resume and told me straight up, 'Cliff I don't think this position is for you.' I have been looking for a marketing position and so I am selling myself as a business person. Instead he is looking for an IT guy. When he saw that I took IT Management as a Degree, he started talking about the possible project. We chatted about his business. By the end, he told me he liked me and to call him next week.

I am encourage by this interview. First, it is great to talk with someone who has a vision. He sees his industry going to explode in the next few years and wants to set the infrastructure down. The system he wants is a big challenge....When he ask me if I can do it, I say yeah...why do it easy, right? :)

Ok let's get back to the training. My body surprised me again. Since Mon's workout, I am aching all over (mainly in my side abs). During the warm up swim this morning, my arms are aching. I just decide to work through it and focus on the form. Fifteen minutes later, I was roaring to go. I focus on my form. 3.3 km gone by just like that...I do I have achieve a breakthrough in my swimming form. We shall see...

I want to talk about the bike trainer ride I had today. On Tuesday I did a three set of 10 min at Zone 3. Today, I decided to try the following:

Warm up: 10 min
Main Set: Two sets of 15 min at Zone 3 (with 5 min spin)
Cool down: 10 min

If I thought I was sweating on Tues, I was wrong. There was a pool of sweat today (wiped clean, of course). There was no tv or mp3 player. Just me, the clock and the trainer. Nothing like working on your mental toughness with the clock.

Each min, each 30 sec was counted down. I was working so hard, my jaws were trembling. I had to wipe my forehead a few times b/c the sweat was stinging my eyes.

I was working at the top end of Z3 (HR 160-161). I don't think I can push it any harder. My focus is on smooth form and good cadence.

I was expecting my legs to be like jelly when I got off. Guess what...nothing. I am tired. But they ain't aching. I can't wait to test my legs on Sat.

Sometimes it is better to go without any self expectation and just see how far you can go.

On the way back home from my second interview....I was focus. Focus on getting a job and marketing myself. Focus on training. I had a great training and a great interview. I was listening to Fort Minor's Right Now. Here is a portion of the lyric:
Right now its somebody who ain't eat all week that would kill for the sh*t that you throw away in the street
I guess ones man's trash is the next man's treaure
one man's pain is the next man's pleasure
one say infinity the next say forever

right now everybody got to get it together man
I was sad when I heard this. If there is a reason to get it together, it is those who are more fortunate. To someone, the lyric is their reality.

It is so easy for me to be my own pity party. I have a bike that is too big for me. I don't have a job (yet). I don't have a swim coach. I don't have my teeth fix (soon). Blah blah blah....When I start to think about all those who are less fortunate than me..they don't complain. They suffer a lot more....makes me wanna focus a bit more....

Life ain't about sitting back and feeling sorry for yourself. It's about doing all you can with what you got! God gave me a liver, let's see how much I can do :)....booyah!


brendaj said...

The thing I like about interviewing (being on either end of it) is that you meet a lot of interesting people.

Mike said...

Cliff - love the fact that the glass is always half full with you man! Nice to always see the positives.

I didn't realize the teeth were due to a bike accident- OUCH!! Glad you were wearing a helmet.

Keep pushing on the interview front!

Anonymous said...

Love the scrabble picture ;)

Jeremy said...

Good perspective on life, Cliff. Sounds like things on the job front and training regimen are looking up. Keep up the great work. Any chance you'll be making the trip to LP for the blogging recon mission in mid-June?

ShirleyPerly said...

Hope things work out with Ecostrat. Sounds like a good chance to get in on something good and move up.

Keep up the positive attitude. Everyone has bad days, bad things happen, etc, but only winners choose to not let them bring them down.

Habeela said...

Congrats on the good interview!