Monday, April 23, 2007

Me, cheery?

Here is my workout training for last week:

Apr 16 - 22nd
Mon - Rest
Tues - Bike 40', Swim 60'
Wed - Run 30'
Thurs - Bike 25', Swim 45'
Fri - Run 50'
Sat - Bike 240'
Sun - Run 105'

Total hours = 10:40

Not too bad. The plan for yesterday was to run for an hour. I ran 45 min more just b/c the weather was so nice. My new formula from Infinit works pretty well. The first 20 min after ingesting, my stomach is slightly queezy. Then 10 min later it will go away. I will keep an eye on that. Perhaps it is from the stomach flu. If Infinit doesn't work out, I will go back to eload.

On Sat, my friends asked me why I am cheery all the time. I never see myself as a cheery person. I told them that if you had a liver transplant, you should be. After all, it doesn't make a lot of sense to get a liver and be gloomy all the time. If I am going to be depress with a new liver, I might as well give the liver to someone else.

However, I don't think I am positive all the time. Whenever I am down, music is my best companion. It is amazing a few notes can express emotions that you go through.

I am the type that will play a song over and over again. Lately I have been listening to Blue Rodeo's Falling Down Blue and Goo Goo Doll's Iris and Here is Gone (require Windows Media Player).

There was a blog that caught my attention last night. Craig posted about the tragedy at Virginia Tech and trying to make sense the reasons behind it.
The One who made this world gave humans a free will for a reason. In order for love to exist it must be freely extended and received. Without the freedom to choose, love becomes manipulation or coercion. Love cannot be unless individuals freely choose to participate.

You can’t make someone love you by imposing love on them. Attempts to force love on another only induces fear which, in turn, impedes love. You can only offer love and invite a similar response. There are no guarantees. Love is risky business.

Love is a two way street. Healthy relationships involve both giving and receiving. Love offered must be reciprocated for a mutual and meaningful relationship to exist. When one party does all the giving or receiving a healthy relationship cannot result.
I have heard this before but last night it was crystal clear....

And today, one of my friend post an email about his relationship situation and he goes saying:
Enjoy the ride. That's all I gotta do. If the ride goes nowhere, enjoy it while it lasts or until a ride going somewhere begins. That's how I have to see it :)
And my friend think I am cheery? I should introduce her to him :).

I have been a Christian for two years. We are taught to follow God's way. And boy at times can it be painful. Maybe this is a childish way of looking at it. I always see it as a test of how much faith I got. Like a challenge. And when it comes to faith. When it comes to what I believe in my heart, I am always willing to raise the matter how much it hurts (put it on a positive spin, it will hurt much more to sit and be idle and regret for not trying).

Maybe that's why I love triathlon/endurance sports and going long. Riding 4,5,6+ hours and running in the heat HURTS. Ironman....that's like the King of hurt. I won't even bother with distances beyond Ironman.

All Ironman veterans will say that throughout the day, you will face positive and negative emotions. As Rich Strauss advice, ride the crests and manage the troughs.

And at times all we can do is just ride. Ride when it hurts and ride it's not.


TRI Vortex said...

I just did my longest ride and I agree about clearing the mind. Sorting the thoughts and focusing on nothingness. Be the Bike.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Hey Cliff, I really like that post. That has got to be one of my favourite posts of yours.

From your fantastic perspective on life "you get a new liver to be gloomy", to sharing your thoughts about the tragedy which reminds me that love ALWAYS involves free will and God's incredible love gave us free will at the expense of hurting ourselves and Him...

Hey, maybe your friends are saying that you are cheery all the time because you are always cheerful around a certain someone? :)

Anonymous said...

Cliff, great post Brother. I loved what your friend wrote in regards to the VT tragedy. And I'm with Kewl on his perspective as to why you're cheery (wink) (wink)!

Comm's said...

I think in the beginning of your walk of faith, heck even in the middle and at the end, its important to use thoughts of being Gracious.

If you don't know how to be or act, use that.

Robin said...

oooh Cliff.. wink wink nod nod.


I agree with Kewl.

Check out my current favorite song: "It's Just a Ride" by Jem.