Monday, December 11, 2006


Run test as promise.

- test is done with 1% incline on a treadmill
- 10 min warm up at 4.5 mph
- measure heart rate (HR) every min for two minutes
- increase speed every two minutes by 0.5 mph.

4.513:198:17148, 149
5.011:597:37150, 151
5.510:536:46156, 157
6.09:596:12163, 159
6.59:125:43164, 165
7.08:345:20170, 172
7.57:594:58170, 173
8.07:294:39177, 179

By itself, the figures are not very useful. This will be a baseline to see how my aerobic capacity will improve over this season. Interesting that there are two speed where my HR stays the same (4.5 - 5.0 and 7.0 - 7.5).

Now more numbers....last week's training plus sleep (my 8 hr sleep goal). I am very satisfy with the amount of sleep I am having. If you notice, I only touch my bike ONCE and it is only for an hour and a half.

Total run time = 217 min (3.61 hr)
Total swim time = 185 min (3.08 hr)
Total bike time = 90 min (1.5 hr)
Total aerobic hours = 8 hr

This coming week, I will ramp up the volume. Last week, I have to spend some time focus on planning my fellowship so that taken some time away from training. This Thus I am heading to tremblant for the weekend. Since we are staying in a hotel with a gym, I am bringing my runners and swim shorts. Looking forward to swim,bike,run,snowboard, eat, and sleep. Hmmm... :)

Dec 4 (mon)
- 8 hr sleep
- swim 45 min
- run 45 min

Dec 5 (tues)
- 8 hr sleep + 45 min snooze (carpool to work, snooze on the way home)
- run 30 min

Dec 6 (Wed)
- 8 hr sleep + 45 min snooze
- run 20 min
- swim 10 min
- run test 32 min

Dec 7 (Thurs)
- 8 hr sleep
- yoga 15 min

Dec 8 (Fri)
- 8 hr sleep + 45 min snooze
- swim 45 min
- run 30 min

Dec 9 (Sat)
- 7 hr sleep + 20 min snooze (passed out after dinner)
- swim 45 min
- run 30 min
- bike 90 min

Dec 10 (Sun)
- 8 hr sleep
- swim 40 min
- run 30 min
- skating 60 min :-)


D said...

Very interesting chart. Isn't it amazing how the heartrate reacts to certain speeds. You have been very busy!

Anonymous said...

must be nice getting all that sleep :P

Anonymous said...

Only 15 minutes of yoga in a week?? I'm hoping that is a typo. 15 minutes doesn't even get you warmed up!

Darren said...

Heya Cliffy,
We do some of our best training while sleeping! Make sure you get your 8+ every night.

Wow, less than 7.5 months to go... Sally and I are already scouting possible lodging. I think we stay in Saranac Lake (about 10 minutes out of Lake Placid).
Keep up the good work and stay touch.

Hilda said...

Nice to schedule all the sleeps, well they are very important, I will check how long I am sleeping, good idea! No more wondering!

Robin said...

Man, GREAT job on the sleep! Seriously. Sleep has been HARD fo rme this week. Not good sleep = not good workouts. SLEEP IS SO IMPORTANT. For quality workouts, for injury-prevention, for recovery, for a good mental state. Good job, Cliff

Anonymous said...

There are a few strange readings on that chart. For some speeds your HR jumps from on level to the next, and then stays virtually the same from the following level.

Anonymous said...

Impressive sleep hours. Well done! :)

I am due for some run/bike/swim tests for my baseline for 2007 as well.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been following your blog for a while and it's very encouraging to see your love for God and motivation to compete. I've been toying with the idea of doing a sprint triathlon lately. Any suggestions for a newbie? Have a great one.

Anonymous said...

You're working hard. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Heart rate testing is a very tempermental thing. In and of itself, your heart rate not changing at certain speed increments should not be taken as an indicator of anything. The reason is that you're new to testing and the procedure, accuracy, mind games, etc will all come in to play until this is a regular part of your training and testing. File this away and compare it to the next time next month or so. Try not to do it very often.

Anonymous said...

I want to echo everyone else by saying good job on the sleep...

I'll be at tremblant over new years, so let me know how the snow is! :)

Robin said...

Hmmm....thanks for pointing out that increased cardio + strength training will eventually = increased speed. Sometimes things stare you in the face and you cannot see them! But I don't understand why you said "Argh!" ???

Papa Tweet said...

I envy all the sleep Cliff. I've been taking a natural supplement called Melotonin to help me sleep. It makes 6 hours feel like 8. I feel so rested when I wake up. It's not like tylenol pm where you feel groggy in the morning. Anyway, it works for me.

qcmier said...

Is there already a good base at Tremblant? Enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed on the consistent amount of sleep you're getting...that's the most important part!

Keep up the good work Cliff:)

Anonymous said...

busy busy....

Afternoon Tea With Oranges said...

I have GOT to take up your sleep habits...that's awesome.