Thursday, August 24, 2006

Taper, Cranky, Bike Weekend Summary (Aug 14 - 20)

Was listening to Ironmantalk. Espidoe 9, Beaven and John talked about tapering. Tapering DOES NOT mean stopping. Keep the intensity and reduce the volume. This is the last mile and I have to focus. I did a run yesterday and my legs were tired. This means I ain't resting enough.

I got a new mp3 player last week and ever since then, I have been listening to all the Ironmantalk episodes. I really enjoy the fact that John and Beaven are at the competitive level of Ironman yet they are so easy going. With a commute of 2 hours in the car everyday. It is not hard to go through them. Next will be Get Your Geek On and SimplyStu's.

Been reading Going Long about tapering and this article about tapering for Half Ironman. They say the same thing. Do race simulation (bricks) every 72-96 hours. Those are the key sessions. So that's what I have in plan. I am going to stop drills. They are tiring me out. Focus on those key sessions. By the time I finish with them, I should be feeling like I can do more.

Lately I have been feeling cranky and tiring. I sleep avg 8-10 hours a day and still feel tired when I get up. My body needs more rest.

I have two job interviews before the race. I haven't even plan the logistics for my race yet. It turned out my race is on Saturday (Sept 2), not the 3rd. I am trying to go to Ottawa earlier on Friday just to rest up and recon the terrain....all these lead to crankiness.

When friends want to go out and don't want to my head "argh...take some action"....very tempted to think that ppl are lazy in general...just being proactive can take you so far ahead in life..wonder why ppl don't wanna take responsibility..even for fun stuff.

I know this type of thinking is from training and other life situation. After next week, it will all pass. (on another note, I am quite calm and very productive at work....)

I went to prayer meeting last night. I did not want to go. But I am glad I went. On the way to Church, there were tons of negative thoughts in my head. "Oh I have so much to do and I am so tired...blah blah blah."

Spent some time chatting away with other Brothers really take my mind off race day. I think that's a good thing. As always..feel great after prayer meeting.

Lastly, my Bike Focus Week Summary. Will do an analyst of my past 3 weeks training soon. It is good to see those in numbers. 11 hours on the saddle....sweet :D

Yoga Stretch - 10'
Hill Run - 45'
Swim - 30'

Weights - 45'
Swim - 20'
Stretch - 15'

Long Brick - 321' Bike + 60' Run
Stretch - 20'

Bike Trainer (recovery ride) - 60'
Stretch 5'
Bike Trainer - 43'

Open water swim - 45'

Long Brick - 188' Bike + 55' Run (race pace)
Stretch - 5'

Recovery Ride - 67'
Stretch - 5'

Run total = 160' (2.67 hours)
Bike total = 679' (11.32 hours)
Swim total = 95' (1.58 hours)
Weight = 45' (0.75 hours)
Stretch = 55' (0.92 hours)
Total hours = 17.24 hours
Total aerobic hours (less stretch + weight) = 15.57 hours


Rae said...

Ha! I live immike's comment, I think I am always overcooked.

Maybe you can ask Homer for some advice???

Jennifer P said...

I agree with everyone else. REST! That's an order!

Chris said...

I haven't felt the freshest here either this week. I may be doing a little too much, but I know I still have two weeks before my race. If you're less than a week out, and feeling any fatigue at all, rest needs to be the #1 priority in your schedule!

Don't worry about the training you're missing. When you're about two weeks out, you're about as fit as you're going to get. Just do some light maintenance and you'll do great!

Robin said...

Want to read that book "going Long". How does it relate if you are doing a HALF IM? Useful also? If you think so, I will buy it now for Half IM training, and also use it later when I train for my IM.

qcmier said...

Looks like a there's a general theme to the comments. Rest up Cliff. Trust your training. You're ready!!!

William said...

Sleep, then nap, then watch TV and don't move, pee, eat, sleep, run, sleep, bike sleep, eat, pee...

You get the idea.

Get those 10's in!

Rachel said...

I think it's pretty typical to feel cranky during your taper. Trust in yourself and your training. Give yourself all the rest you need. Your body needs it. Don't question it. Sometimes, we need more than 8-10 hrs after training so hard.