Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Yesterday evening, I went for a hill run. The hill is about 400 m long and took me about 2 min to climb to the top.

With humidity index reaching 38*C (100*F). My HR was all over the place. Breathing was hard. It wasn't so bad. Granted I was only in the heat for 50 min (including warm up and cool down). Mentally, Muskoka Long Course was much worst (and not as hot). There were certain part of the run where my shoulder and neck felt like burning. My body and my mind is acclimatize well with the heat.

For the next three weeks, all social activities are kept to the minimum. Been declining invites, bbqs, b-days and such. All focus on resting or preping for the next training.

Suppose to go for my long swim last night. At the community pool, I forgot my swim shorts. So back to home, grabbed it. Not enough time for long swim. Did swim drill instead. Do long swim today.

Did the long swim this morning.

4 X 500 m

1st set (free) - 11:24
2nd set (pull) - 11:14
3rd set (free) - 10:10
4th set (pull) - 10:14 [this set should be faster than the 3rd set considering I am using a pull buoy]

Arms were whining the whole time. But hey I am here to swim. Surprise how my last two sets were faster.

When I pull with my left arm, I don't feel the water rushing my feet. I have that feeling when I pull with my right. Left arm is still coming out of the water higher than the elbow. The left needs a lot more work.

My goal is to get those below 10 min. I am sure that is very achievable if my arms have more rest. Next week (my swim focus week), I am going to swim 3 km. It is more of a mental block than a physical one.

Tonight, weights, Bible study then sleep. Tomorrow is my day off. Going to do a long run, recovery bike ride (test my new bike fit). Let the training commence...

Taken at the cottage over the weekend. This is how I should feel after training. Life is good!


Carrie said...

Dude, I think Homer ate the food off your plate after you crashed!

Chris said...

I think the biggest bummer about training is having to decline all the social invites that you'd otherwise be able to attend. That and it seems like folks just don't hang out as much here during the winter as the summer.

Oh well. Yet another one of the small sacrifies that athletes make!

Donald said...

Way to work it Cliff.

Rae said...

YUM, Doritos!!!!

Great job with all your training.

Ellie Hamilton said...

Seems like we're all running in the heat. I'm feeling pretty whipped after today's.

I'm still trying to keep training/work/social/spiritual priorities in order. ~Sigh~

TriBoomer a.k.a. Brian said...

(In the voice of Homer Simpson) Mmmmmmmm... Doritos!

Anonymous said...

Funny how much the heat can mess up the HR. That pic is a classic.

D said...

You always seem to keep things in perspective!

Trifrog said...

True - you look like you have life in perspective splayed on that floor with an empty plate on your chest ;-)