Friday, August 04, 2006


This morning, 2 hrs, 21 km (9:11 min/mile). I ran the same path I ran on Wed. This time i loaded up with lots of liquid. Two bottles of 750 ml. I hadn't ran with that much liquid since last year when I train for marathon.

Being not so bright, I decided to load them up to the top. Half way through the run I realize I don't have to haul all that liquid lighter if I just fill half or 2/3. Then I just refill later in the run.

The run was very relax. HR stayed within zone 2. My HRM has no average HR function. Oh well, I guess it means later this year I will need to get a new toy :).

I ran the last half in a trail. The sun was just hovering above the trees lightening up the morning mist. It was a great view.

I was planning to go for a 4 hr bike ride and 1 hr run for tomorrow. Darren emailed me and suggested a good flat route (flat for a change) for us to ride. So, tomorrow, with Darren, 5 hr ride + 30 min run.

Aside from that, it is long weekend up here in Canada. Monday is a holiday. I don't have much plan. Just train, sleep, and do some house chores.

I have been thinking about what I want to do for next season. Here are a few things in my head:

- join a tri club
- C3 offered tri sessions during the winter time. Will have to go for one. They will offerbasic assessment of your run skills.
- if C3 cannot offer too much help, get a run coach and have him assess my running style
- continued to work with my swim coach, become the most efficient swimming rock ever.
- Pick up cross country or snow shoeing
- tri bike (depends....$$$) [I saw my LBS allow monthly payments...might give that a thought]
- record more training variables other than just time (HR zones, HR range, HR avg etc.) [dial in my zones]
- Detail training schedule, either have one draft by a coach or an online cookie cutter.

Going to get off now. Before I go, my fellowship has posted up some videos of our cottage experiences...oh...the pain :)

This is transparent duct tape.


Rae said...

Ha!! I've never seen someone want to be waxed so much!

Good luck with your training this weekend!

Mike said...

Cliff- hope the ride went well today.

Ya needs to give that tape a FAST yank !! ;-)

Chris said...

Awwww. I was hoping with that HUGE strip, that we'd get to see you scream like a little girl. :) Hehe.

Nice job on that run and hope the ride went well!

Habeela said...

I'm a little frightened that Mike knows so much about waxing. :)

Rachel said...

It's good to list out your plans and goals. I do the same thing, otherwise, it all gets backed up in my head.

Pretty funny video, by the way.

Anonymous said...

dude... you gotta pull the tape FAST!!! but if you REALLY want to know what it's like to be a woman (that's why you were experimenting, no? so you can understand the female species better?) got get a bikini wax at a spa. do not try that at home. i repeat: DO NOT GIVE YOURSELF A BIKINI WAX AT HOME.

E-Speed said...

those vids are hilarious. I think men should probably stick to shaving though because waxing hurts like a mother!

Trifrog said...

snow shoeing the way to go - equipment easier to lug around and places to do it more easily found. Maybe that's different in Canada?